What’s Your Favorite Hidden Mickey???


A Little Hidden Mickey Around Every Corner

A Little Hidden Mickey Around Every Corner


 The Official Ticket Center Inc. ~ Do you know what a “Hidden Mickey” is? I figured it’s time to talk about the “Hidden Mickeys” right here at the Walt Disney World Resort.

If you do indeed know what a “Hidden Mickey” is, then you’re smiling right now and probably proud of yourself that you’ve found a few or more. A “Hidden Mickey” is a Mickey Mouse shape that Walt Disney Imagineers have strategically placed throughout the Disney theme parks and Resorts. It comes in many forms, from a complete Mickey Mouse profile to the outline of his head and ears. They come in all sizes and they’re fun to “hunt.” They’re top secret too, like Area 51. Ask a Walt Disney Imagineer where the “Hidden Mickeys” are and he or she will say they don’t know what you mean. (They’ll say it with that Disney twinkle in their eye.)

My favorite “Hidden Mickey” is in Soarin’ Over California. As you “fly” over Palm Springs, look at the golf ball as it comes hurtling towards you. (Your instinct will be to shut your eyes, but keep them wide open or you’ll miss it!) There on the golf ball is a black “Hidden Mickey.”

What’s your favorite “Hidden Mickey?” Look at this video and try to guess where these little guys can be found. By the way, some people say there are nearly 200 “Hidden Mickeys” just at the Resorts. (I can neither confirm nor deny.) Have fun!


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