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Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration set to debut!!!

Took a break from Manta Madness and caught a soft-opening performance this afternoon of Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration at Walt Disney World’sMagic Kingdom. The stage show officially opened in Tomorrowland on Wednesday, May 6.

What it is: A big stage, singing host Tip Trendo plus his Galactic Girls. You can see it’s set in the retro-future by their silver knee-high boots. Eventually they are joined by dancing robots ordered by Stitch from Robo-Mart. Stitch is up on the big screen, yet interacting with various audience members in a fashion previously seen in the nearby Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor and Epcot’s Turtle Talk with Crush.

It’s outdoors and toasty warm already. Heaven help those high-energy, costume-heavy performers.

A few photos follow … and there’s a bit of a spoiler after the jump.


Here’s our host and two of the Girls. We’re all here to celebrate Galaxy Day. Stitch is somewhat remote on the screen.


The two robots and the other two Girls. They dance to “Mr. Roboto” and “Love Machine.” They do the robot and some ambitious break dancing.

Later the robots must be rebooted, which leads to “These Boots Are Made for Walkin.” (One of the Girls is appropriately named Nancy.)


Eventually the crowd interacts by learning the Stitch dance. That blue carpet keeps little knees from getting burned. Many folks stayed in the shadows cast by TTA.



This makes me feel a little Power Ranger.


A better shot of a Galactic Girl. A least she can feel a breeze! (Are you ready, boots?)


Eventually, Stitch transports himself from screen to Tomorrowland in Elvis mode. (Cue “Rubberneckin” and more dancing. Do the Stitch!)

The finale is followed by a futuristic, intergalactic, instrumental version of “The Time of Your Life.”  I know you’re shocked.


Rewinding a second — the preshow is a telecast of Tomorrowland News Network. It starts 10 minutes before showtime. Here’s what I learned: There’s still Happy Talk in the newscast of the retro-future. Sigh.

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