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Hall of the Presidents Attraction at Magic Kingdom

Pay Tribute to your Founding Fathers this President’s Day

Visit the classic attraction The Hall of Presidents in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  Experience the theatrical magic that brings all 43 U.S presidents together for the first time. But first, watch an original film that illuminates our country’s origins, the formation of our Constitution and the hard-fought struggles, including the Civil War. President Lincoln recites the Gettysburg Address. Later the curtain rises and each president is introduced on stage, and Presidents Washington and Obama deliver stirring speeches that swell with patriotism.

Fun Fact:  Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton personally recorded their own dialogue for this attraction!


Living with the Land at Epcot

Living with the Land Boat Ride at Epcot has Reopened

Horticulture goes high tech!  Living with the Land is a 14-minute boat ride in Future World at Epcot theme park that explores agricultural advances in the rain forest, Africa and beyond.  Set sail on a voyage of discovery through living laboratories as you cruise past the American plains, a tropical rain forest and the African desert to witness the latest developments in aquaculture and desert farming. Float by experimental greenhouses—where produce is grown for Epcot restaurants—and take a fascinating first-hand look at an aqua environment, the Aquacell, with alligators and fish. The greenhouses grow crops native to many cultures, including rice, sugar cane and bananas.

This thought-provoking ride will leave you amazed at the wondrous ways scientists are helping farmers prepare for the food needs of our world’s nations.


Pixie Dust at Walt Disney World

Pardon the Pixie Dust

*  Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom will be closed through Feb. 27th.

* Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios will be closed Feb 15th through Mar 27th.

* Blizzard Beach Water Park will be closed through Mar 20th.


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