Universal Studios Tickets for Orlando and What You Need to Know

Universal Studios Ticket and How To Choose The Right Ones for You and Your Family

Universal Studios Ticket and How To Choose The Right Ones for You and Your Family


Universal Studios tickets and Islands of Adventure tickets are not the same. Many people on a daily basis call my office and ask to buy Harry Potter theme park tickets and at this point I have to put on my vacation planner face and start my class on the types of tickets that there are over at the Universal Orlando Resort. This is the part of my job that I love the most. First thing I need to tell them is that Harry Potter is not a Orlando theme park, but a section in Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure theme park.

 Islands of Adventure has sections of it’s park that are called, “Islands” and weather The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is actually an “Island”, is up for debate. Some call it a section and some call it an Island, but for now I call it a section of Islands of Adventure in between Islands. So when callers ask me what type of Universal Studios tickets are needed to be purchased in order to experience Harry Potter, I tell the that there are a few types of Universal tickets that can be purchased in order to see a little bit of everything. Universal Orlando has drafted a line of tickets just like the Walt Disney World tickets. Universal Orlando has, “Base Tickets” in which one can buy a 1,2,3,4, and 7 day and these tickets are only good for 1 day at one park for the amount of days that are purchased. Then there is their version of Disney’s hopper tickets called, “Park to Park tickets”. These tickets allow you at go between both parks for the amount of days on the ticket purchased. If you purchase anything higher than a 1 day ticket, you will receive 7 free nights of admissions to Universal’s CityWalk entertainment complex. These are 21 and up adult night clubs and are not intended for children. This is a nice free-bee by Universal I think! If you are going to CityWalk, ask us for our 2 for 1 drink coupons. Supplies are limited, so order today. At this moment Universal Studios has had a minor setback with its new Rip Ride Rockit rollercoaster. It has been put on indefinite standby until they can figure out how to resolve a few issues that have plagued the ride ever since it’s opening a year ago. But don’t let this get you down as Universal Studios has many more world class rides and shows. Also at the moment Universal Studios is hosting its 20th year anni9versary of Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights XX. This is a must do for anyone 18 and up. Trust me, you will not regret it. This is a great night out to go have drinks and let loose with family and friends. Many people have asked me about Islands of Adventure and what’s new. Well, if you have been living under a rock this last year, then you probably missed the thousands of television commercials about Islands of Adventure and their newest attraction, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This was a much needed addition to Islands of Adventure as it was the least favorite of Universal’s theme parks. Many of my repeat customers loved the beauty of Islands of Adventure and its cutting edge rides and shows, but wanted something new. Well Universal Orlando heard their cries and gave them more than they could have ever wanted. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened this summer to record breaking attendance for Universal Orlando’s, Islands of Adventure and there are no signs of slowing. If you are planning a visit to Islands of Adventure to experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, let me give you a few tips to make your trip both pleasurable and rewarding. First I would advise you to get there first thing in the morning and go directly over to ride Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey as this is the most popular ride and can have lines up to 2 hours long. So the early bird get the worm truly is the key here. After you have ridden the Forbidden Journey, hit the shops and get your souvenirs. The designers of the shops did not take in the fact that there are millions of Potter fans from around the world so lines to get in a buy anything have been out the door with waiting times of hours just to buy a wand for example. After you have done the 2 things, get a Butterbeer and get in line to ride the Dragon Challenge. This used to be the old Dueling Dragons ride, but the designers have given it a face lift to recreate a Quiddich Match look and feel. Lastly, hit all of the other Islands and enjoy the rest of your day at Islands of Adventure. On a personal not, I would hit the Potter section at the end of the night as it take on a whole different look and feel. Go inside the Three Broomsticks and get a Hogs Head Beer as this is specially brewed for the Harry Potter section and yes it is real beer. Remember that we do sell Universal Studios tickets and Islands of Adventure tickets at a discount, so call our office toll free at 1-877-406-4836 or just click here for Universal tickets http://www.officialticketcenter.com/universal-studios-tickets.aspx or here for Islands of Adventure tickets http://www.officialticketcenter.com/discount-islands-of-adventure-orlando-tickets.aspx

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