Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night Set To Posses You Soul

Possession is the word this year at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. Universal has brought the most terrifying movie ever made, “The Exorcist” to life in one of their haunted mazes and it is sure to posses you before leaving! There have been some very terrifying haunted houses there in years past but this one should be one to remember. I did see a little taste of this last year and it was awesome! It was just a little room in one of the houses but it must of had a great effect on visitors to have been brought back and have it’s own billing.

The creators had their work cut out for themselves. How do you get the little split pea vomiting girl in a room to projectile vomit without spraying everyone who walks through or to have the infamous spider crawl down the staircase. Well leave it to the creators at Universal Studios to make it happen. The last few years they brought back, “An American Werewolf in London” and it was amazing! The most memorable scenes were done justice with all of the guts and gore. I can’t wait to see what they can do with a little possessed girl. A great many attendees are in the 30 to 40 something and this movie is pop-culture. Most everyone I know has seen this movie or has had nightmares about it.

From what I have read and seen, it will be a maze either inside a house or outside in it’s own area and will be a story of possession. You will go through the story of the little girl Regan MacNeil and her horrifying ordeal that she had to endure during her demon possession. We might see a few additional character like father Damien Karras.  I can see her playing with the Ouija board on the floor and talking to Captain Howdy. If they don’t have either of these two rooms, I will be very disappointed! By the end of this maze I better see some split pea soup being sprayed all over the place! I am so happy that they brought this master piece to real life and I will probably nightmares for the next few years!

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