Underground Theme Park In Orlando???

Underground theme park in Central Florida

Underground theme park in Central Florida

New Underground Theme Park in Orlando is the new buzz word going around in Central Florida at the moment and has many in the tourism industry very curious. News stations are talking about it, travelers booking vacations are asking about it and locals are scratching their heads. Orlando , Florida has had it’s share of successful theme parks, but a underground theme park? Many locals think that it is just a big hoax to draw attention to a little unknown area off of CR-419. If you would like to call their information, here is their self branded call to action,“The world’s first underground adventure park call (407) 494-DOWN for more information.”
 but when you call it, their recording says,

“Left on Lockwood Road, quick right on Chuluota Road, follow the signs on Chuluota Road for four miles.”

People of the rural area say it’s unlikely that any type of theme park could be opening on 50 acres in Chuluota without them knowing about it.

Local residents wonder if the news ad, thus far only confirmed to have been aired on Power 95.3, is some sort of gimmick or a stunt.

We here at Officialticketcenter.com hope to see a new adventurous theme park to add to our line of discount theme park ticket specials.

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