Top Ten Best Rollercoasters in Central Florida

1. Sherika ~ Located in Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. SheiKra is not for folks who get scared easily. Once you are strapped into this floor-less coaster, you are lifted to a hight of 200ft and at a 45 degree angle, you will then be dangled over the edge before plummeting 200ft back down to the ground at over 70mph on a 90 degree angle, pulling 5 g’s. SheiKra features an Immelmann loop, a water feature and another terrifying 90 degree drop, this time from ‘only’ 138 feet. Enjoy:

2. Hulk ~ At Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure theme park, you will find one of the nations leading high speed roller coaqsters and yes it’s GREEN! After you enter Dr. Bruce Banner’s lab, the gamma-ray accelerator goes terribly wrong and transforms you into the Hulk. After being jettisoned to the same G force as a jet taking off a aircraft carrier, you will be launched 150ft into the air at 67mph, before experiencing cobra rolls, barrel rolls, two vertical loops and a Zero-G roll, so hang on tight!

3. Kraken ~ Located inside Sea World Orlando, this mammoth roller coaster is sure to please the coaster addict in every family member. This SeaWorld coaster is15 stories high, and has max speeds of 65mph. This video is a great sneak peak!

4. Manta ~ This roller coaster is the newest addition to the Sea World Orlando arsenal. If you ever wanted to fly like Superman, then this is your baby.

5. Fire Dragon Harry Potter ~ This is located inside Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando. It used to be Dulling Dragons, but since they incorporated the new Harry Potter section at Islands of Adventure, they renamed the coaster Dragon Challenge. This is still one of the best coasters in Orlando, so don’t pass this one up!

7. Montu ~ Located in Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, this coaster has some bragging rights in the fact that it is one of the tallest and longest coasters in the world. Standing at a height of 46m and reaching speeds of 60mph, with a G Force of 3.85, this coaster is a DO NOT MISS adventure!

8. Space Mountain ~ This is a oldie but a goodie! Located in the Magic Kingdom, Space Mountain is a indoor coaster like the Rockin Roller Coaster and riders are given the choice of either the Alpha or Omega track, both of which offer the same ride regardless of which route you choose:

9. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit ~ Located inside Universal Studios Orlando, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit reaches speeds of 65mph and a height of over 17 stories. The coaster also allows you to select your own choice of music while riding the coaster:

10. Rockin Rollercoaster ~ This indoor roller coaster rocked out by non other than Aerosmith, is a signature coaster designed for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As you enter the building, you are given a private tour of Aerosmith’s recording studio, before being strapped into your seat and flying round the coaster at 60mph, reaching 4.5 G- Forces.

11. Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey ~ I don’t know if I can really classify this awesome ride as a roller coaster per say, but I will include it as the next evolution of coaster ride technology. Located in Islands of Adventure, this ride will take you on a journey with Harry and his friends while flying on broomsticks through Hogwarts.

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