Three Proven Methods To Get Florida Theme Park Tickets On The Cheap

Are you on the lookout for inexpensive Florida theme park tickets? Here are there simple, proven methods that anyone can implement to get the best prices on their vacation’s entertainment, whether you’re after a cheap afternoon at Disney or you’ll be staying for a week and you want the best price on an Orlando flex ticket.

Option one: Resort Promotions
Promotional rates at the in-park resorts at places like Disney World are often significantly less than rates at the equivalent out-of-park hotels. Alternately, and often at peak season, the resort’s rate will remain standard, but you’ll be able to get up to 50% off your tickets to the related theme parks if you book ahead at a given park’s resort. As an added advantage, you’ll already be right there at the park when you wake up in the morning, so there’s no cost in time or gas to get to the park. In some cases, these resorts may try to hard sell you options that range from a pre-purchased meal plan to a time share, but you can always say no and take advantage of your cheap ticket regardless.

Option two: Coupons
Coupon suppliers for theme parks are ubiquitous on the Internet. These coupons work exactly like the coupons you use at the grocery store; you present them when you’re about to pay for a service, and they reduce the price. If you spend a little time online looking at various coupon websites, you will find discounts not only on the park tickets themselves, but on many of the costly amenities inside the parks as well.

Option three: Vacation Sites
The last — and in many cases best — option for the Internet-savvy vacationer is to look into vacation sites that specialize in cheap tickets. The key here is to keep an open mind and be willing to do a little math. There are many ways in which these sites can give you discounts — free nights, free tickets for the Xth member of your party, free transportation to and from your hotel, reduced airfare, and many many more. You just have to be willing to get into the nitty gritty and figure out which option is actually going to save you a good amount of money.

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