The Moron’s Guide to Cheap Disney Tickets

Getting cheap Disney tickets isn’t all that difficult when you get right down to it. It’s kind of silly not to put in a little effort looking, either — the tickets actually cost more than you could reasonably spend in a day once you get inside the park. Free Disney tickets are a pipe dream unless you’re a professional contest enterer or you know someone who works for Disney, but getting Disney park tickets on the cheap is a trivial task once you know how to look.

Disney parks are expensive places to go, and because of that, many people never think to simply look on the Disney website itself. It’s kind of a last-ditch effort, because most of the other options below will get you better discounts, but when all else has failed, you can generally count on finding a 20% off deal during peak seasons and on holidays.

The next most expensive place to turn is to a travel agent. Many people avoid travel agents on the notion that they’ll simply gouge you with exorbitant service fees, but that’s not always the case. It is, however, logically more expensive to get any given deal from a travel agent that it would be to get the same deal from someone who wasn’t. That’s why travel agents are the second-to-last option for a Disney tickets seeker.

The second-to-best option for getting cheap Disney tickets is to look up an affiliate or partner of Disney. Disney is a huge company and is always brokering deals with hotels, car rental companies, restaurants near the parks, and so one. If you can find one of those affiliate companies, you can find a discount not just on the theme park itself but on some amenities that you’re sure to take advantage of on your stay.

When you get right down to it, however, when you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Nothing beats some elbow grease, a bit of dedication, and an Internet connection when it comes to Disney tickets. There are many websites out there devoted to getting people out to the Disney parks on the cheap — find one that has an offer you like, and plan your vacation!

2 thoughts on “The Moron’s Guide to Cheap Disney Tickets

  1. As I was reading your article I was taken back by your comments about travel agents. I have a trusted travle agent that has gotten me out of more jams than I can think of. I am not. Unlike those web sites when I call her I get to talk to the same person every time that knows me personally and not just as a credit card number. If my agent makes 15 dollars commission on a Disney ticket I am not so cheap to begrudge that amount for her taking time out of her day to look after my interest. I bet you shop for a lawyer and your doctor on the internet too. You can find the price of anything on the internet…but you can’t find the true value of
    much of anything. some of us don’t have time to park in front of a computer all day to save $20 here and there.

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