Taking Pictures at Universal Studios Orlando

If there was ever a place to take the coolest pictures in the world at, Universal Studios in Orlando Florida would have the been one of them. Both of their parks Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure have some of the best picture taking areas in Orlando. Probably the best areas would have to be their Harry Potter areas. Going during the day with your camera or even better your cell phone, can produce some of the best picture ever.

Day shots at Diagon Alley can be the most rewarding as there they have a 50 ft. dragon that spits fire! Stand back and wait for it to shoot fire and this can be made into a sweet poster for your photo taking collection. Better yet, wait until night time and take the same shot and see the big difference. Night time in this area can take on a whole new feel as the magical vibe is everywhere you look. There are so many travelers who come in their wizard cloaks waving their wands toi enchanted objects that react to their spoken spells. This is great to snap shots of and to see magic happen before your eyes. The darkened alleyways may be a problem shooting as light is almost non-existent. Take flash shots in these areas or set your camera to take a long exposure shot.

The next area is the Hogsmeade area of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter over at Islands of Adventure. Here you can again take some really cool shots during the day and probably one of the best little gems is inside the Three Broomsticks. In here you will find a restaurant area and also a very cool little bar call the Hogs Head Tavern. The tavern is probably one of my favourites as they have nice cold Butterbeer and a enchanted talking boar’s head attached to the wall. Everywhere you look there are little items that make for good closeup shots. Now walk outside and there will be the best picture taking subject ever, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. This looms over the whole area and is the best for pictures at sunset as the sun slowly sinks behind it. Happy photo taking!

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