Orlando’s Newest and Biggest Theme Park Additions Will Make You Scream For More

As you may have heard, Orlando is in the midst of a big face-lift. The theme parks are all hands on deck with construction and there seems to be no end in sight. The biggest addition to Orlando’s arsenal has to be Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. For those of you who do not know what Avatar is, it is a James Cameron movie that set box office records a few years back and is one of the most cutting edge movies ever made. So it goes without saying that Disney had to have this at one of their parks one day. Well that day is now and if you are visiting the Animal Kingdom look behind the Rainforest Cafe and you will see the floating lands of Pandora in the distance. This multi-million dollar project is set to open in 2017 and should be Disney’s newest big hit.

The next big addition to the theme parks will be Universal Orlando’s ~ Islands of Adventure with their Skull Island~ Reign of Kong attraction. The Kong fans were very disappointed when the famous ride in Universal Studios closed down back in 2002 and Universal never heard the end of it! Well the big shots at Universal heard their voices and now have brought the big guy back bigger and better but with a new location next door at Universal Studios sister park, Islands of Adventure. If you have ever been to this park, Kong will be located between Jurassic Park and Rip Saw Falls. He will look a little different from his once chimp looking self and more like the Peter Jackson’s version of the expansive remake of the 1933 classic.

Following the big competitors lead, SeaWorld Orlando has some big news as well. This park is not all about sea life but is becoming more about world record roller coasters! The newest addition to their lineup is Mako. Mako is not your average roller coaster. They deem it a hyper-coaster due to the fact that it will take its passengers over 70 miles per hour and over a mile long! Named for one of the ocean’s fastest known sharks, it will be Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster and will also have portions of the rise that will leave its passengers weightless. The coaster will be the new centerpiece to a whole new realm. The area will be fully surrounded by shark themed restaurants, shops and entertainment. This marks the third largest addition to SeaWorld followed by their Manta coaster and Kraken.

Probably the biggest project that is currently going on but is almost completed is the old Downtown Disney area now called Disney Springs. Disney has got it right this time with world class dining, shopping and entertainment. I think they learned their lesson with Pleasure Island and would like to just let Universal have that crowd with their Citywalk. With Disney’s new idea, one can have the time of their lives on the lakefront sampling everything from Iron Chef Morimoto’s sushi to drinks and appetizers at Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar. Not enough for you? Well how about sitting on the lakefront and watching the amphibious cars take passengers on a tour of the lake all the while having libations and mouth watering delicacies at the all new Boat House. After dinner and you are ready for more, head over for a game of billiards and bowling at the all new Splitsville. This is not your ordinary bowling alley back home. But then again nothing is ordinary in Orlando!

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Are Orlando Theme Parks Pricing Themselves Out of Business?

There seems to be a new king in town and it ain’t Disney! Sure you can say that all of Disney’s theme parks are full and their resorts are putting bodies in the beds, but ticket sales don’t lie! Recently we have seen a major shift in the tickets purchased and the days of the big Disney tickets are gone, at least for now. Universal Orlando Resort with their two theme parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are leading the way in most requested for tickets. Not to long ago Disney was the most sought after theme park, but as of late the Universal Studios tickets have taken that lead. It’s one of those things that you can’t really hang one hat on but it would seem that it is many things that have knocked a once giant icon down a few notches.

The most recent would have to be the big ticketing structure that Disney has majorly rearranged. Taking away their once popular non-expiration tickets from their lineup has had major ramifications in my opinion. Those tickets secured future travellers to return to Disney and spend money in their parks and resorts. Now that person has no reason to return and now seeks out new adventures at other competing parks. And this is just the beginning of an ever changing ticket structure Disney has come up with. Just the simple fact that Disney is changing their tickets again is proof that something is wrong in Mouse town.

The newest ticketing idea is going to be a Seasonal tickets. This is because Disney will not admit that they have priced themselves out of business. They will never drop their ticket prices but will create a new ticket at a discount price. The Peak, Non-Peak and Seasonal tickets are their newest idea to bring travelers back to their parks without showing that they got greedy with their admission ticket prices. Imagine being able to come to Disney in the off season when kids are in school and receiving a discount on your attraction tickets or during any time that is not a prime time to travel. This is the newest idea of Disney’s. Give a discount but travel when it’s not convenient. The next is pay full price and come during peak times like summer, Christmas etc. Get the picture yet?

I think that their mentality is keep throwing things against the wall and hopefully something sticks. Disney is not the only theme park to venture down this path. SeaWorld Orlando has had great success with their new ticketing structure and I feel Disney has been watching. SeaWorld has also had some very negative issues thrown against them, but they have offered their guests great discounts to visit their parks. For one person to go to SeaWorld and get all day dining would cost $103. Now the same person to travel to Disney and that person buying a one day Magic Kingdom ticket and them feeding themselves throughout the day comes to around $181. See the difference? This is a big hit on a typical family thinking about coming to Orlando.

One of the biggest Disney park ticket killer has to be the Universal 2 park with a 3rd day free ticket. This has stole the big ticket purchases from Disney and is why their Base and Hopper multi day passes are almost non-existent anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney and it pains me to see what was a once giant company, slowly be beaten down to the ground by their competitors. If only they would see that they have created a situation that puts most families out of enjoying their parks for the profit of their shareholders and see that the economy has not improved at the rate of their ticket prices. If only they could bring their ticket prices back down to a realistic price, then and only then would people come back in droves to enjoy what Walt himself wanted, a place for everyone to enjoy, and not just for the uber rich!

Chasing the Big Discounts on Your Orlando Theme Park Tickets

With every major theme park in Orlando at or above the $100 level, travelers are taking to discount websites and travel forums for the best discount available. You might get lucky here and there at the Official park pages, but their discounts pretty much are for when you buy their products in a package. Yes, it would be nice to stay on property with a all inclusive deal, but at the end of the day, there really is no discount after everything is broken down to their bare ellement. This is why the savvy traveler will dissect everything down and start from there.The best way to get the deepest discounts is to first look at the lodging.

Many people will look at sites like Trivago or Priceline for accommodations, but many are finding that staying with a Vacation Rental Home works out best for pricing and amenities. Why pay big money for a small resort room when you can have a fully furnished home with private pool, hot tub and many with game rooms? A local company who has been around for almost 20 years may be able to help on your next visit. Magical Memories is a full service vacation rental home agency in Kissimmee, Florida and is just minutes from all of central Florida’s world famous theme parks.  With most of their homes within minutes from Disney, a smart traveler who wants the biggest bang for their buck might try this avenue on their next trip. This is especially affordable when traveling with family or friends who can share in the cost!

The next biggest cost would have to be the the park tickets to the attractions. This is probably the single most brain wracking thing a traveler has to think about for their vacation. With so many things to see and do while in Florida, one must take this chore very seriously. The biggest theme park in Orlando would have to be Walt Disney World. With four theme parks, two water parks and various other smaller attractions, Disney is the largest adventure one could take if that is the only thing on the itinerary. But we can’t stop there as there is the second largest destination, Universal Orlando Resort. With their two parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. One could also make this destination a one stop vacation if one doesn’t want to visit Disney. And lastly, we have SeaWorld Orlando. SeaWorld Orlando also owns Busch Gardens in Tampa as well as Discovery Cove in Orlando. So as you can see, if you want to see everything, you are going to need about a week to do these theme parks justice!

I can see the money just adding up with a week long vacation, so the next step is to find someone who can help out with the costs of these pesky little high priced theme park tickets. The first step is to find a reputable authorized ticket wholesaler. Now this is where it can get a little risky and especially if you do not know what you are doing. Normally you can search around online and visit a few chat forums and see who they recommend for discount theme park tickets. A few that have stood the test of time and are trust worthy site are www.intercot.com, www.dadsguidetowdw.com, www.getdowntodisness.com and www.wdwinfo.com. These are very informative sites that shed light on how to save time and money when booking your Disney vacation. The most important thing with these site is that they can give you a trust stamp of approval on everyone they work with and that goes a very long way! For discount Disney tickets and discount Universal Studios tickets, look at Kissimmee’s wholesaler, The Official Ticket Center. They are a authorized discount theme park ticket seller and are local.

Now that you know where to look for discounts, please take the time to plan accordingly and not buy more than you need for you vacation. Ask questions and most of all, pay attention to any hidden costs or if a company is not local. Most web sites are just that, a site and have no knowledge of local perks or are just a referral person! Call these people and see if you get a actual person. Ask if they sell the actual product. I have called a few places online to ask if they sell actual tickets for instance, only to be confronted by a recording and having to communicate by email or text. Watch out for companies like these or companies that only deal in vouchers. When you are able to speak with a company representative, you know they are legit and have skin in the game! It only takes one mistake to ruin a vacation, so trust in what other people have used and had good experiences with and shop local!

Disney E-Tickets and How to Use Them

The new buzz at Disney is the E-Ticket. This is a new ticket that allows you to print your tickets off at home while having the opportunity to book your FastPass’s in advance. Many travelers want to get the “Jump” on booking their FastPass’s so purchasing E-Tickets seems the right way to go, Right? The big bonus to buying a Disney E-Ticket versus waiting a few days to have your actual Disney hard ticket shipped to your house is exactly that, a few days waiting. When you buy a E-Ticket, as soon as you hit Purchase, you get a confirmation number for the person you bought your E-Pass through. This now allows you to log into your My Disney Experience account and start booking your FastPass’s. This is Not your admission ticket, but a confirmation only.

You now have two options to gaining admission into the parks. First is if you already have a Disney wrist band and have already set up your account, you can add your confirmation number to your wristband and into the parks you go. If you do Not have a wristband, you will need to stop by any Disney Will-Call location to exchange your emailed receipt. If you are staying on Disney property, just stop by the front desk and they can do it there as well. The only true benefit to getting a E-Ticket is getting the jump on booking FastPass’s. That’s it! If you are staying on Disney property, you can book your FastPass’s 60 days out from your arrival. If you are Not staying on Disney property, you can book 30 days out.

This is great for travelers who are last minute shoppers and who are going to be here in a few days. If you are months out or even years out, Disney E-Tickets are not for you and you should just have your hard tickets mailed to your residence. If you already have a wristband with an existing My Disney Experience account holder, the Disney E-Ticket will always be a safe time saving bet for years to come!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact The Official Ticket Center in Orlando. Locally owned and operated, they have the best discounts on all Disney tickets as well as Universal Studios tickets and more. Please call toll free 1-877-406-4836

Home at Universal Studios Orlando for the Holidays

So you have decided to pack up this year and go south to sunny central Florida for the holiday season and you expect something spectacular. With all of the theme parks competing for your business, it’s going to be pretty hard to choose which ones best for you and your family. This year I would have to give the Holiday Cheer award to Universal Studios Orlando. With all of their new additions, It’s a new face to an old industry! Universal Orlando Resort has heard the call of the people and has delivered in many ways. First and foremost are their resorts. Situated within walking distance of the world famous theme parks are four amazing locations. My favourite for the holidays is the Hard Rock Hotel. Decorated in it’s Rock n’ Roll holiday flair, this resort has it all! From 4 star dining to world class entertainment at their Velvet Sessions, the Hard Rock Resort is sure to fulfill your every expectation of a fun filled Universal Studios vacation!

Next would have to be the all New Cabana Bay Beach Resort. This flash back to the 1950’s A-1A era is probably the coolest resort in Orlando! Even if you don’t stay there it’s a fun stop in to see how Christmas was back in the days of Cool. Rockin around the Christmas has never been so fun and make sure to take time to roam this one of a kind resort that can only be found at Universal Studios. If you are a lover of the Pacific Rim vibe then the Royal Pacific Resort might be a destination for you. Have you ever wondered what Christmas would be like on an Island? Well this is your chance! With palm trees decorated with holiday lights and luau style buffets surrounded by hula dancers, the Royal Pacific resort is the next best thing to celebrating Christmas somewhere out in the Pacific. Last is Universal’s Portofino Bay.

If you are a lover of Christmas tradition the Italian way, then this is for you! Enjoy enchanted evenings of wine tastings, samplings of amazing foods, strolls to the sounds of holiday music and sights! The Portofino Bay Resort is truly a gem in the Universal Orlando Resort treasure box. One of the most beautiful at Christmas! All of these resorts are located on Universal Orlando Resort property and provides transportation to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

Once you decide which holiday accommodations are best for your high standards, now is the next most important decision to made on your vacation and that is what type of ticket to buy! There are two Universal parks, three if you include Wet n’ Wild but I don’t think anyone is going to be swimming during the cold Florida Christmas. But the two parks Universal Orlando gas are two of the Best in Florida. I would imaging that if you are going to be here for the holidays, you are going to be her for more than a few days. There are two types of tickets they have to offer. Universal Base tickets and Universal Park to Park tickets. The big difference here is the Base ticket is just good the park you enter into at the start of the day. You go in and this is the park you stay in. Pretty simple. You can come and go all you want in that day, trying to enter another park is not going to happen. This is why I recommend the Universal Park to Park tickets. This ticket allows you to visit both parks in the same day and also allows you to ride the all New Hogwarts Express train that connects Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Both parks put on holiday entertainment, so be sure to make time to experience what both parks have to offer. No one wants to miss the Grinch!

Every dollar counts during the holidays so if you can save time and money on your Universal Studios tickets, then make sure to check out the prices at Orlando’s most recommended discount attraction ticket company, The Official Ticket Center. Located in the heart of Orlando, this company has the best discounts on everything Universal.

6 Hotels to Book Alongside Your Universal Studios Tickets

When you’re planning your Universal Studios Orlando vacation, the two fundamental lodging options are on-site, where you can walk to the rides but will pay significantly more, or off-site, where you will have to take a bit longer to get to the park, but can save a decent chunk of money. The biggest problem with off-site is paying for parking and taking the time to drive — but a hotel that offers a free shuttle to Universal Orlando is the happy medium that can make the most of a vacation. Make the reservation at the same time that you buy your Universal Studios tickets, and you’ll be ready. Here are our suggestions for family-oriented rooms with good prices and free transport:

Celebration Suites
Just a few miles from Universal, the lauded Celebration Suites offers a heated outdoor pool, a game room, an in-room kitchen (or Continental breakfast), and rooms for up to 8 people.

CoCo Key Hotel
Right there on the famous International Drive, the CoCo Key is, as you might imagine, an island-themed resort that has its own water park. The rooms only go up to 4 people each, but up to 3 kids below 18 (!!!) stay free!

Doubletree at Universal Studios
Smack dab at the entrance to Universal Studios, the Doubletree Hotel awaits. The rooms are comfortable and clean, and the breakfast buffet is excellent (as are the three other restaurants). The rooms hold up to four.

Holiday Inn at Universal Orlando
The Holiday Inn also has a branch directly outside Universal Studios; this one offers an outdoor pool and kitchenette in each room in addition to the on-site dining options. Suites can hold up to 8 people.

Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa
Several miles south of Universal, the Lake Buena Vista is a little further away than most on this list, but is also a little less expensive — a great price-saving reservation to pair with your Universal Studios tickets. Rooms sleep up to 10 people, and there’s both on-site restaurants and kitchens in each suite.

Quality Suites – The Royale Parc
The Quality Suites can house up to 8 people in a suite, and while they’re not the closest place to Universal, they do offer one surprising (and useful!) benefit that no one else does — a free, full, hot breakfast to wolf down before you get on the free transport to Universal. That’s convenience!

Whichever you choose, we’re confident that getting a free ride to the park is the most economical and most effective way to enjoy Universal Studios Orlando.

Starter Tips for Maximizing Your Universal Studios Tickets

ORLANDO — home of the nation’s best theme parks, water parks, and attractions. The rides alone in the nation’s funnest city would take the better part of a month to experience if you did them eight hours a day (and that’s not counting the time waiting in line!) You only need a few things to enjoy places like the Magic Kingdom, SeaWorld, Epcot Center, and Universal Studios: tickets, some spare cash, some comfy shoes, a few days’ time, and the desire to enjoy awesomeness. That said, you can achieve an even greater level of enjoyment if you follow a few simple tips:

Be Early

The parks might not open until 9, but the crowd starts gathering at 8:45. If you want to be the first in line for the highest-traffic rides (Escape from Gringott’s, Minion Mayhem), you have to have your Universal Studios tickets in hand, be the first in line at the front gate, and then you have to make a beeline straight for the ride you want. Save the lower-wait rides for later and be happy knowing that you saved yourself an average of 45 minutes by being clever with your timing.

Get a Hotel with a Shuttle

Staying off-park is often a great deal in terms of money, but if you set yourself up to have to wake up, slam breakfast, and start driving, you’ll have a lot harder of a time implementing our first tip. Hotel shuttles usually cost either nothing, or $5 — less than one-third the cost of parking. The only wrinkle is that you have to be very careful not to miss your hotel’s final pick up, or you’ll have to take a taxi — and lose every dollar’s advantage that you just gained.

Don’t Hesitate to Go Solo

If someone in the family wants to go on a particular ride and they’re the only one, check for a ‘singles line’ — most rides have one, and they tend to move much faster than the group lines. If you can’t identify a singles line, ask the attendant — they’ll either point it out, or keep you in mind for the next car that has an empty space. The rest of the family will appreciate not waiting around, and the solo will get the ride they want.

Keep those Universal Studios tickets close by, keep your alarm clock on your nightstand, and pack a quick breakfast, because if you heed our tips, your days at Universal Studios are going to be packed, stacked, and all that!

Is Now The Right Time For You To Travel To Orlando?

Get the Vacation Ball Rolling

Get the Vacation Ball Rolling

Now that all of the holiday crowds have gone back to their homes and all of the children are back in school, is now the best time to plan that vacation to Orlando that you have been putting off? Well, lets take a look at what might make you think about booking that trip. First the parks are getting back to a normal flow of travelers from around the world and ride time are down to minutes, not hours like in the holiday months. The temperature is in the cool 60’s and 70’s during the days and theme parks are running specials on the tickets enticing travelers to come fill their parks. During this season, travel is at a all time low and flights through booking sites can be quite cheap if planned accordingly. Hotels and vacation rental homes are always running deals during this time so take the time to compare prices. Don’t be afraid to ask if they can meet or beat prices! You would be amazed! Car rentals are at a all time low here in Orlando with the average daily price running you $25 a day. If you want to skip the car, ask the place where you are staying if they provide transportation to the parks. Theme park tickets are the big items here, but can be bought through a discount theme park ticket vendor like The Official Ticket Center when you are in town or prior online. Selling everything from Disney Tickets to Universal Studios tickets, discount are sure to save you time and money. Ask about ticket specials and bogo offers they are offering. With all of these savings and no lines at the parks, now is a great time to book that vacation you have been thinking about!

Take a Trip into Hollywood Without Leaving Florida with Universal Studios Tickets

Do you want to experience the glamour, excitement and fun of Hollywood without leaving Florida?  Now you can, with a trip to the world-famous Universal Studios theme park in Orlando.  With Universal Studios tickets and tickets to Islands of Adventure,  your family can go behind the scenes and be a part of the action at the world’s favorite TV and movie-based theme park.

Not only can you now explore the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but thrills abound throughout the park as well, thanks to some outstanding roller coasters and 3D-simluator rides.  And with shorter lines and typically smaller crowds at this large park than you’ll typically find at the Disney parks, visitors to Universal studios are often surprised at how much fun and excitement is there just waiting for them.

Universal Islands of Adventure, which is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and exciting parks in Orlando, should be at the top of everyone’s theme park wish list.  The park, designed around seven themed islands, contains some of the fastest rides and entertaining attractions that you’ll ever experience.  This is where you can experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, explore the thrilling world of Jurassic Park and have fun playing on Seuss Landing.

At Universal theme parks, you can explore the best of Hollywood and all the exciting thrills you’ve been looking for, all on one ticket!  Explore it for a day or buy a multi-day park hopper pass for the best deal.  No matter how you go, you are guaranteed to have amazing vacation experience like no other when you schedule a stop at Universal theme parks.

The whole family will find something to do at the Universal parks in Orlando!  With activities designed for everyone from the smallest kids on up to the big kid in all of us, fun awaits the entire family at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  See for yourself what all the fuss is about and check out the latest deals on tickets to Universal in Orlando.  It’s one stop on your itinerary that you’ll never forget.

Nothing’s Merrier Than an Orlando Christmas Vacation

With the kids out of school and parents all set to welcome the most celebrated holiday season of the year, Christmas is undoubtedly the biggest festive occasion alive. And when it comes to celebrate the same in Orlando, the experience just gets even more special. In fact nothing is merrier than joining Santa during an Orlando Christmas Vacation. For years the world-famous Parks here welcome the occasion with the best of spirit, fun and fantasy. Packed with a plethora of premier Christmas events and shows, the Parks come to life like never before. Whether it’s the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or Holiday’s Around the World at Disney WorldThe Grinchmas or Macy’s Holiday Parade at the Universal Orlando, the SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration or the Christmas Bricktacular at the Legoland, Orlando dazzles with unparallel festive delights throughout the holiday season.

Despite being the busiest season of the year, a visit to any of the theme park during Christmas holidays is always a special treat for any. Whether it’s the WDW (Walt Disney World) or Universal Studios, the SeaWorld Orlando or Legoland, everywhere the festive spirit comes to life like never before. While Christmas is celebrated with all the fun and glory worldwide, the merry-making gets even more special for fans and guest at the Orlando Theme Parks. Truly, the opportunity to unfold such dazzling surprises with Santa in the midst of the world’s happiest and inspirational backdrop is a dream come true experience.

The Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom is a premier Christmas event that WDW has to offer. Held annually, on select nights from November through December, this one of a kind themed celebration is truly a must visit festive extravaganza. As the entire Park transforms into a winter wonderland with sparkling castle projection shows and magical snowfall, amazing character processions, live entertainments and more, it seems a Disney World vacation has never been so special. The Macy’s Holiday Parade of Universal Studios Florida on the other hand is just another incredible holiday Procession with amazing bands, performers, floats and more that tend to make your Christmas vacation a treat to remember forever.

Moreover, the SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebrations, held on select nights, from November through December is another fun-filled holiday attraction that the marine fans can look for. The free-ticketed event is in fact a true Christmas delight for kids and families to celebrate amidst the world most inspiring marine backdrop ever. At Legoland, it’s the Christmas Bricktacular that offers the ultimate holiday for guests. Held in December the unique event is a great fun-for kids to celebrate the special occasion.

Orlando theme park tickets play a major role in influencing your vacation expenses. But there are many options available to help you stay on budget. I suggest you to visit the authorized agents, resellers and brokers for some real savings. If you are looking for discounts on your Disney Tickets and passes to exclusive Orlando attractions and events, including discount Sea World and Universal Studios tickets and other special park packages you can also consult WDW recommended Kissimmee based ticket Re-Seller – The Official Ticket Center