Planning a Florida Trip on Even the Tightest Budget with Orlando Ticket Deals

Planning a family vacation can be tough, especially when you have a modest budget that you must stick to and a big list of things that the whole family wants to see.  It isn’t impossible to plan a trip to Florida that you can afford, however, as there are so many ways to find Orlando ticket deals, great deals on hotels and even discounts on local events and attractions.  If you want to visit the magical theme parks and take in the beautiful beaches of Florida without breaking your budget, read on for our favorite traveler tips.

The biggest thing to remember when planning a budget trip to Orlando is that you should never pay full price for things like theme park tickets and any of the entertainment that you may want to see. You can always find discounted Disney passes, cheap passes for SeaWorld and Busch Gardens and even discounted flex passes for Universal Orlando online, so check out the latest deals before making your ticket purchase.

The area has plenty of smaller attractions as well, including the Medieval Times Dinner Theater and local zoos and aquariums that are fun to explore too.  To really stretch your budget, try mixing up some of the bigger theme park in the area with some of the less popular destinations.  Even though the theme parks are the biggest draw in Orlando, there are still plenty of other things to do and see and plenty of opportunities for fun outside of the park gates.  You just need to start exploring and see what you can find.

To take advantage of the many deals you’ll find in Florida, do your research ahead of time and always avoid buying your tickets at the park gates, as you’ll always end up paying more than if you had purchased them through a third-party authorized ticket seller.  Take your time when shopping around for the best deals on theme parks, events, hotels and even your flight, as there are tons of ways to save big when you plan ahead for your next trip to Florida.

A Spring Guide to Finding Amazing Orlando Ticket Deals

It’s time to put away those snow shovels, dust off your favorite pair of shorts and starting looking for amazing Orlando ticket deals!  Spring is a great time of year to visit Orlando.   Not only can you take advantage of great prices on admission to all of the best parks, but you can also enjoy the pleasant temperatures and lower humidity when you travel before the real heat of summer hits.

When shopping around for Orlando ticket deals this spring, keep in mind that you can typically find discounts on every detail of your trip and not just the airfare or hotel.  Discounted park passes are one little secret to visiting Orlando that many families have already discovered.  Discount passes and coupons for Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and others are pretty easy to find, and they can make it possible to see many more of the biggest attractions than if you had to pay full price for each ticket.

There are plenty of lodging deals and options available for visitors to Orlando, and Spring is a great time to find a deal on a condo rental, resort room or a value hotel room that is located outside of the Disney resort hotels area.

Renting a condo in Orlando on a short-term basis is a great choice for those traveling with kids and those that have dietary restrictions.  Since Orlando is primarily aimed at the tourist market, it’s packed with plenty of chain restaurants and food options, but there aren’t a lot of choices if you have difficult food allergies.  Staying in a condo with a kitchen can save you money and also ensures that you won’t get sick from eating something you are allergic to during your visit.

Finally, to get the most out of your discounts, be sure to plan some fun activities that will maximize the time that you spend in Florida.  Take time out to visit the world famous Cocoa Beach and it’s local surfing scene, or plan to take a drive to visit some of the surrounding coastal towns that offer a completely different take on Florida.  It’s fun way to get the most out of your trip, and by mixing up these types of affordable side trips with visits to the theme parks, you can save money as well.