Do I really Want to Spend Multiple Days at Universal Orlando Instead of Disney?

Diagon Alley Hogwarts Express

You know if you had asked me this question a few years ago I might have sad no just because Universal had not yet filled their parks with attraction rides to the level of what Disney had in its arsenal. But this is definitely not the case in point now a days! Today’s Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are like no other parks in Orlando and now that they have created what I consider the Best water park in Florida, Volcano Bay, it looks like this once small side attraction to Disney has found it’s footing and the future looks very promising to say the least.

There was a time when you could go over to Universal for as little as $45 a day back in 2000 but that about what it was worth in ride currency. There wasn’t much to do and it was a park that you could pretty much do justice within three quarters of the day. As time and profits rose and a acquisition here and there the park began to transform as well as it’s footprint on the Orlando real estate map. Talks of expansion and new theme parks were the buzz and sure enough, a new sister park was born, Islands of Adventure. This was going to be their throwing of the gauntlet at Disney’s front door step and Disney heard it very clear the Universal was here to stay!

The one thing Universal needed was something to call their own and many ideas were thrown around until a deal was struck with a new and upcoming little writer,  J. K. Rowling who wrote a little fiction book called, “Harry Potter”. This would be the biggest thing to hit the Orlando area since, well Disney came to town. Disney was pretty stagnant during this time so this woke a lot of people up there and listening intently. Universal was in it to win it and Disney was left to come up with something of their own i.e. Avatar.

To have the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at their Islands of Adventure park, Universal came up with a brilliant idea, why have one when you can have two. This would be the beginning of something wonderful, especially as the Harry Potter movie franchise became the new Star Wars of a younger generation and is still continuing to grow to this day with all of the other off shoot movies. Each time a new book or movie comes out, they are incorporated in these magical worlds and shared with the fans who love and adore the characters created within.

So to end my praises of what has been created by Universal Orlando compared to what was and what has become, yes I would say that spending multiple days at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios is and should be on your planning books. I would even go so far as spending 3 days there to include their newest and best water park in Orlando, Volcano Bay. I love Disney and will always be a true fan, but fun is to be had all around this town and Universal is here to stay with their world class parks and attractions.

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Potter Magic at Universal Orlando Reaches New High With Diagon Alley

Potter Magic Sets the Bar Again in Orlando

Potter Magic Sets the Bar Again in Orlando

Walking down the streets of Harry Potter’s London against all the odds, and the hustles and bustles is a never before experience for muggles like me. While you are being trapped into a whole new world of interactive experiences and real magic, the thrills here only get more intense as you step abroad the world’s most magical Express. Truly, the excitement of exploring JK Rowling’s best selling masterpiece during a theme park vacation is just getting bigger and more extensive.

With the addition of the new Diagon Alley to the wildly popular Potter attraction of Universal Orlando I think the fun goes beyond all expectations. From London’s Kings Cross Station to Hogsmeade Village, the legendary Hogwarts Express ride and the Escape from Gringotts to the iconic Hogwarts Castle, there is more of Harry Potter World to explore than before. And perhaps if the speculations and reviews about the London’s waterfront area of the Resort are to be considered then the new Diagon Alley is definitely the most happening creation of Universal in this regard.

In 2010 the advent of the original- Hogsmeade-themed section, namely The Wizarding World of Harry Potter had revolutionized the experiences of millions across the globe. In fact the wild and explosive response that had followed the opening of the same had set a new record in the history of theme park attractions. While it is true that the Universal’s Potter experience is a game changer, the success of the attraction also becomes a nightmare for others in the business. The popularity of this attraction is such that even the bigger theme parks like those of WDW (Walt Disney World) were forced to re-think their plans. And perhaps the latest expansion to this very attraction by Universal will only set another new standard to all future attractions.

Opens this summer at the Universal Orlando Florida Park, the new expansion brings the most amazing secrets of the London side of the story. Whether it’s the incredible experiences at Gringotts Bank and the encounters with the goblins or the amazing escaped abroad Hogwarts Express, there is more of Harry Potter to explore. We have already seen how the original Potter world at the Islands of Adventure section of the Resort has changed the way we know Universal Orlando today. And now the advent of Diagon Alley will surely add another most uniquely inspiring and exciting chapter to it. Thanks to the epic Harry Potter expansion plan.

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Orlando, Fla. (May 19, 2011) – Universal Orlando Resort today announced that its newest attraction will be based on Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s blockbuster 3-D-CGI feature “Despicable Me,” bringing minions, mayhem and a whole new level of 3-D family fun to its guests. The “Despicable Me” experience will replace the Jimmy Neutron attraction at Universal Studios Florida. Continue reading

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex 10 Year Master Plan

NASA officials announced on 4/12/11 that Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has been selected to permanently display space shuttle Atlantis upon retirement of the Space Shuttle Program. Atlantis, one of three orbiters in the space shuttle fleet, will fly the last scheduled space shuttle mission before being retired in 2011. 


The $100 million exhibit for Atlantis will be the marquee element of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s 10-year master plan. Initial design concepts for the 65,000 square-foot home for the space-flown orbiter include viewing the space shuttle “in flight,” showing how the spacecraft worked in space and providing a unique vantage point for guests to look at the complex vehicle up close. Complementing the orbiter display will be interactive features reflecting major accomplishments of the Space Shuttle Program, including the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station.


Officials with Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex plan to break ground on Atlantis’ new home in 2012 with a grand opening planned for 2013. The orbiter home will be located in the Shuttle Plaza at the main Visitor Complex; incorporating the Shuttle Launch Experience attraction. To purchase your Kennedy Space Center Tickets, please call our office toll free at 1-877-406-4836 TODAY.

Islands of Adventure tickets include The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?


Is Harry Potter Its Own Theme Park You Ask???

Is Harry Potter Its Own Theme Park You Ask???


Most of the travelers, who come to see the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, actually think that it is its own park when in reality it is its own little section at Universal Orlando’s, Islands of Adventure theme park. If you buy Islands of Adventure tickets, Harry Potter comes with it. I would say that on any given day, I personally receive a hand full of people’s calls that are planning their Orlando vacation and want to buy Harry Potter theme park tickets and I have to explain to them that there is NO Harry Potter theme park. Continue reading

Universal Studios Tickets Gets Boost With Express Pass


Why Wait In Line When You Can Have A Universal Orlando Express Pass

Why Wait In Line When You Can Have A Universal Orlando Express Pass



Universal Studios Orlando has incorporated a very time saving ticket which they call the Express Pass, not to be confused with Walt Disney Worlds Fast Pass. This ticket is a great item to have during the busy seasons, but I personally do not think that you will need it during the off seasons, and by off season, I mean anytime the kids are in school. Continue reading

Universal Studios Tickets for Orlando and What You Need to Know

Universal Studios Ticket and How To Choose The Right Ones for You and Your Family

Universal Studios Ticket and How To Choose The Right Ones for You and Your Family


Universal Studios tickets and Islands of Adventure tickets are not the same. Many people on a daily basis call my office and ask to buy Harry Potter theme park tickets and at this point I have to put on my vacation planner face and start my class on the types of tickets that there are over at the Universal Orlando Resort. This is the part of my job that I love the most. First thing I need to tell them is that Harry Potter is not a Orlando theme park, but a section in Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure theme park.

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Orlando Theme Parks and How To Choose The Right Package

A Insiders Guide To Buying The Best Ticket Package For The Orlando Theme Parks

A Insiders Guide To Buying The Best Ticket Package For The Orlando Theme Parks



Orlando Theme Parks  ~ With so many Orlando theme parks to choose from her in sunny Orlando, Florida, one can be overwhelmed with choices, and to add to that confusion, throw in the hundreds of variations of Disney tickets and the new line of Universal Studios tickets to boot. I think that the first thing one should ask themselves is how many days does ones family want to actually play at the Orlando theme parks. Continue reading

Islands of Adventure ~ Harry Potter Butterbeer Mystery Solved: We had it tested

Harry Potter Butterbeer Mystery Solved: We had it tested

Harry Potter Butterbeer Mystery Solved: We had it tested

Islands of Adventure ~ Orlando, FL. ~ For the many thousands of muggles who’ve gulped down Butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter without knowing what they were drinking, Consumer Ally has unlocked the closely-guarded secret of the magical drink’s nutritional content. Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Reaches 1 Million Riders!

Actor Brendan Fraser was one of 1 Million riders to experience Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Actor Brendan Fraser was one of 1 Million riders to experience Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

According to the Universal Orlando Resort Facebook page, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey has reached 1 million riders in record time.  The newest attraction at Islands of Adventure’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter introduces new robotic arm technology and has guests flying with Harry through elaborate life-like scenes from the famous book series.

Check out this video released by Universal: Continue reading