Fort Wilderness Resort – A Camping Experience Unlike Any Other

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Camp Amid the Magic of the Great Outdoors

If you are a Disney camper, the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is the place that you must consider. I think it’s more than just a unique camping delight, nestled amidst acres of awe-inspiring woodlands, dotted with pine and cypress greens on the bank of a lake so scenic and so serene. Away from the theme park fun and fantasies, the Fort is a great relaxing alternative for Disney vacationers. Whether it’s the pristine landscapes or the awe-inspiring campsites, the unique boat rides or the trips to neighboring theme parks, staying at the Fort is always a special treat for all.

Imagine taking a soothing motor launch from the beautiful boat docks to the Magic Kingdom with the sun rising over a misty Bay Lake. Imagine eating lunch on the sunny deck or just think about cozying up in your bunk bed. Imagine enjoying the great water slide at the Meadows Pool or go zipping in and out of the lovely woods onboard the golf carts so peaceful and look so cute. I think the Fort is a great way to experience the Mouse in its rustic best. It brings to you the authentic Florida on a platter- both relaxing and entertaining right in the middle of world’s most coveted nature.

Since the beginning of the WDW (Walt Disney World), the Fort has been a special choice for fans who visited the Resort and want to explore the great Florida Outdoors without missing the Disney experience. There are also many different reasons as to why the Place has been so close to the heart of many. Some say it’s the rich storied history associated with it, others believe the attractions and the activities it offers are just amazing. I think the Fort is a great place to create memories that never perish.

WDW is definitely known for its magical rides and attractions, but there are also other things outside the parks that equally inspire us. And the Fort is one such destination that we must try. Where else one can have such diverse relaxing options then what the rustic woodland has to offer. Where else one can go biking day or night, or enjoy a horse ride or a wagon ride for that matter. I just wonder how it feels like watching the herons fly across the lagoon or the sights of those mysterious little islands. And as the canoe passes through those tall cypress trees how inspiring it’s getting lost in the quiet old days of a Florida and a Vacation Kingdom that keeps visiting us in memories since long.

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