Tips for Buying Discount Disney Hopper Tickets

Is the Disney Hopper Ticket Right for You?

Is the Disney Hopper Ticket Right for You?

Have you ever been to any of Walt’s theme parks in Orlando, Florida and found yourself either wanting to see more of the other Disney theme parks or that the park you are in is just too crowded? Well you wouldn’t be alone. With all of the different tickets you can buy to see all of Walt Disney World’s world famous theme parks, the one ticket that has been the most popular has to be the famous Walt Disney World Park Hopper Ticket!

Working for the mouse for 8 years I have seen it all and the one thing that I would hear the most was how guests wish that they had bought the hopper ticket when they were planning and buying their passes. The main reason people wished they had purchased the Hopper Ticket was that they had accomplished most of what they had set out to do at a certain park and wished to go over to another park in the same day and finish the evening off at another Disney park. On some nights for example, the Animal Kingdom might close at 6pm. and the Magic Kingdom on that night might close at 12am midnight. When you have a 1 Day Base Ticket, you are closing out your night early at the Animal Kingdom. If you had spent an extra $30 to upgrade your ticket to a Hopper Ticket, you would be spending the evening at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot with everyone else being the hero of your vacation. Most people go in with the mindset that they are going to be content with just spending the day at one park, but you would be amazed at how people’s moods and energy change once they are in Walt’s parks.

The biggest advantage to buying a Park Hopper Ticket in my opinion is that if a theme park gets a little too busy for your taste and it does happen quite frequently, you have the ability to travel over to another park where the crowd is much more manageable. For instance I have personally had my own Disney Park Hopper Ticket and started out at the Magic Kingdom and by 3pm or 4pm the park was an absolute mad house. Having the Park Hopper Ticket I and my guests were able to jump on a Monorail and stop by a Disney Resort for a cold beverage on our way to Epcot. Epcot is my default park to head to for a little elbow room. Epcot also closes every night at 9pm. so it is a great park that stays open semi-late and you do not feel the crowd factor as much as you would at any other Disney park.

To add a little curve ball to this equation, you can also buy a Walt Disney World Water Park Fun & More Ticket or the Premium ticket of all tickets the Park Hopper Water Park Fun & More Ticket. Both of these tickets are Hoppers in a sense. The Water Park Fun & More ticket is NOT a Hopper ticket for theme parks i.e. Epcot, Hollywood Studios etc. but a Hopper ticket from your one theme park that you are allowed to visit in that day, to an “Optional” item of your choice. The “Optional” items are the 2 Disney Water Parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach, Disney Quest, ESPN Wide World of Sports, Disney’s Miniature Golf Courses at 2 locations or a round of golf at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course. So for example with this ticket you could start off at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and stay until 4pm., then you could walk to the front of the park and jump on a Disney bus and go over to Typhoon Lagoon and spend the rest of the day there soaking up the evening sunshine before returning to you humble abode for the night.

Now if you had bought the Walt Disney World Park Hopper Water Park Fun & More Ticket you could do the same thing as the Water Park Fun & More ticket but now you have the ability to Park Hop between theme parks in the same day as well as Hop over to one of the “Optional” items as well. It all boils down to how much money you want to spend, how many days you are going to be here and do you want the ability to change course within you day in order to visit multiple parks. If money is tight and you do not want to visit more than 1 park within a day, or you think that you or your kids will not be able to handle this type of traveling, then stay with the Disney Base Tickets. They are a great ticket and have served many a traveler with just the right amount of Disney Pixie Dust, but if you are the type of person who can handle a little more action in you day then the adventure ticket you are seeking is definitely the Disney Park Hopper Ticket.

To purchase any of these tickets that I have mentioned at a discount, please contact The Official Ticket Center in Orlando, Florida. There are many online ticket brokers, but they are local and have an actual Guest Service location within 5 miles of Disney and other Orlando theme parks.

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Festival of Fantasy Parade Is All About Stunning Costumes

Festival of Fantasy Parade 2014

Festival of Fantasy Parade 2014

The Official Ticket Center ~ A Disney parade is the ultimate choice when it comes to celebrate the fantasies in their most appealing and colorful exhibits. I’m always fascinated thinking about those magical moments the parade offers. Also it is exciting to know that they are the only events where you have the opportunity to see and enjoy your beloved Disney characters in such large numbers – all together at one magical place, dancing and waving at you in their most breathtaking and innovative outfits like never before. Truly, Disney parade is no doubt a world class execution of dream processions that adds more color and vibes to our magical Disney vacations. Continue reading

Tips for Keeping Your Kids Occupied While Waiting In Line at the Theme Parks

Make the best of your time waiting

Make the best of your time waiting

Have you ever been to a theme park and watched in horror as the best of parents slowly lose their cool while their darling little children run like wild animals up and down the queue lines? Well, I am one of those calm, cool, collect parents that have seen the best and worst in me and my children while visiting the world famous theme parks in Orlando, Florida. Whether you are tiger mom or a laid back parent, it makes no difference, the parks will, at some point get the best of every parent! Once you realize this fact, the next step is to sit down and do some pre-arrival planning. I worked for the Walt Disney World company for 8 wonderful years and I have witnessed on a daily basis, the parents who planned and the parents who did not. Continue reading

Is MagicBand the Answer to Next Generation Theme Park Experience?

iPhone or Ticket???

iPhone or Ticket???

The Official Ticket Center ~ Since its announcement in 2013, Disney World’s NextGen Project ~ MyMagic+ is seen as a landmark move on part of the company in taking future theme park vacations to the next level. Being termed as Next Generation Experience, the billion dollar Project features a new ride reservation system called the FastPass+ (FP+), which replaces the traditional Fastpass(FP) program. The Project also brings a My Disney Experience (website and mobile app) and a MagicBand system, which integrates all our vacation essentials with a magical wristband. Whether it’s the Disney Resort room key that you are looking for or a standard park tickets; whether you are making payments or managing the reservations, the RFID-enabled wristband is all that you need today.

Truly, Disney seems to have brought a substantial change in the way we looked forward to our future theme park vacations. The pursuit for a more advance and flexible theme park experience probably comes to an end with this billion dollar future vacation initiative. Also the rolling out of MyMagic+ already started influencing guests’ experiences today. And the company is really excited about it.

However, there are some speculations about MyMagic+ that question the credibility of the project and its features such as the MagicBand system. According to the latest development in the hotel access system today guests will soon be able to use their cell phones as room keys. The visitors simply have to tap or scan their smart phones to enter their rooms. As such there are debates on whether fans would rather go for a more expensive and dedicated Disney access system or just simply prefer to have their cell phones as mode of admissions. For some it seems Disney is at the wrong end of the stick with such a huge investment. The company should have waited for some more time and follow the industry standards by using cell phones as admissions instead of creating its own costly access system.

Sure the use of cell phones to manage our theme park access system will be much simpler and less expensive. And it’s also true that possibilities to incorporate the use of cell phones in other areas of future theme park vacations are many. But then MagicBand is a true Disney property – already installed and available for use. Also by developing its own system Disney ensures a better control over the experiences it promises to fulfill in future vacations. And I think visiting the parks with the new Wristbands is surely a unique experience.

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The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – A New Dawn for Dark Rides

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - The latest roller coaster at Disney World will open in 2014

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - The latest roller coaster at Disney World will open in 2014

The Official Ticket Center ~ Being able to step inside the world of your most beloved and award winning Disney Classics of all times and become a part of those favorite actions is a dream come true experience. And the same is happening out there with the new Disney World ride. Imagine a journey through the mine where the Seven Dwarfs spend their days digging for gems. Imagine an adventure ride onboard the most unique theme park coaster train ever created. Well! For all those passionate about dark ride fantasies at Disney World parks, the magic is just getting more and more impressive. Thanks to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride attraction which comes as part of WDW’s (Walt Disney World) epic expansion program in the new Fantasyland area of Magic Kingdom Park.

I think it’s a whole new, family friendly ride experience we should not miss. For the first time in the history of Disney adventure-rides we have seen a ride with such amazingly new concept both in technology and in design as well. Moreover, the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction comes with many great and intriguing features. Whether it’s the magical train that takes you right into the most immersive and award-winning animated ambience ever, or those aesthetically designed cars of the train that reflects the most amazing concept of swinging coasters for the first time, I think the imagineers had left no stone unturned in shaping this one-of-a- kind ride-attraction till date.

Another most striking fact about the new train ride is its wide accessibility. Unlike the other extreme thrill rides, there is no age or height restriction for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train riders. Guests of all ages can enjoy the ride and its incredible story-line without missing the much needed thrills. Also factors such as the use of variable speed vehicles to incorporate the best of dark ride features, the application of new animatronics concept to bring to life the iconic characters (Snow White and the Dwarfs) and the magical environs where the Dwarfs live and work are sighted as some of the incredible highlights of the new attraction.

The new Fantasyland which opens in phases is WDW’s biggest expansion plan ever. Since 2012, as the construction continues, we have seen the advent of some extremely creative and exciting evolutions in the ten new acres of Disney Magic. First it was the dueling Dumbo rides and Storybook Circus section. Then comes the themed sections for The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast and later the Princes Fairytale Hall that replaces the Snow White’s Scary Adventures in 2013. And finally, it’s the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride in 2014 that probably marks the end of this historic expansion program in Disney Orlando.

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Year 2013 Saw the Arrival of Some Great New Theme Park Attractions in Orlando

Orlando's World Famous Rides Keep GROWING!!!

Orlando's World Famous Rides Keep GROWING!!!

The Official Ticket Center ~ Orlando theme park attractions are the most exciting entertainment choices for the ever-increasing fan base. There always exist a special bonding between the parks and those passionate about adventure-rides and other incredible fun-activities in this most magically placed location of the world. Whether it’s WDW (Walt Disney World) resort, SeaWorld or Universal Studios for that matter, the experience we have is beyond dreams. Moreover, what interests me lot about the parks is their ability to stay fresh and more special with every returning visit. I believe it’s the precious bond between the parks and the fans that have kept these most inspired and wonderful ambiences ever evolving. And like every passing year, the year 2013 too had seen its share of extraordinary development in this regard. Thanks to all the latest theme park endeavors in taking forward our experience to the next level with every new visit.
The advent of new attractions in 2013, such as the Springfield USA area – the hometown of America’s most beloved family (the Simpsons) at Universal Studios is a memorable development that needs no further introduction. For the first time guests were able to physically step inside the world of the country’s longest-running animated TV- series in history. Again, the arrival of Transformers: The Ride 3D is another blockbuster ride attraction that Universal had introduced till date. It’s the first of its kind intense 3D simulator experience one can have in Orlando.
Another iconic theme park addition during 2013 is the launched of the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin attraction- one of SeaWorld’s historic offerings. The new and unique attraction had re-defined our ride experience for all times to come. Also for the first time theme park guests can see, touch and feel the most challenging habitats of the remote world real-time in such purest form. Gliding along and into the bottom of the Earth amidst below-freezing environs is just a premium experience only SeaWorld can offer today.
Again at Disney World, it seems every trip comes with new surprises and fun. It’s a constant evolution out there. And one of the major highlights of 2013 is the Princess Fairytale Hall- the latest addition to WDW’s epic expansion plan. A visit to this most lavishly decorated castle-themed ambiance in Magic Kingdom’s – Fantasyland area is just another out of the box fairytale experience only possible with Disney.
Also beyond the theme-park thrills, year 2013 has something much bigger to offer- NASA’s best kept secret had been revealed. And for all space lovers it’s a dream come true. Just have an up-close encounter with the giant Shuttle at the newly launched Atlantis Exhibit in Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex – and your perceptions about space will be changed forever.
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Tips for Buying Discount Disney World Tickets in Orlando

Local Online Companies Are Your Best Option

Local Online Companies Are Your Best Option

If you are one of the many people who are considering a vacation the the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and have been searching for the biggest discounts on the internet, you have unfortunately seen that this is not going to be cheap. After you buy your airline tickets, arrange your accommodations and then get your rental car lined up, your attraction tickets are going to be about as much as all of those expenditures put together. That being said, it is very critical to do your research on the tickets that will best suit you and your family’s needs.

Buying The Best Discounted Tickets

To save the most on any Base Tickets and Multi-Day Walt Disney World Tickets we recommend The Official Ticket Center, a contracted authorized local discount ticket agent that buys in bulk from the parks and re-sells cheaper than AAA, Walt Disney World’s gate price and Disney’s on-line rates. This company is local and not just a no-face on-line site that has no guest service office. They have been in business for over 15 years and is Disney’s largest authorized tickets broker that is just 5 minutes from the front gates.

When you research prices online, make sure to see if tax is included as many sites, including Disney DO NOT include taxes. The best thing about The Official Ticket Center other than their local office is that they ship your tickets straight to your doorstep for free unlike most other on-line sites. Also if you need more tickets for all of the other famous attractions, you can stop in their guest service office and buy more tickets unlike other companies.

Just remember that if they are not local and do not have a guest service office, it is best to go elsewhere. There is nothing like having a issue with know one to go to.

Disney World Tickets and wher to buy at a discount.

So How Much Are Tickets?

Disney tickets are definitely not the same price as they were when we were all kids, so the best way to save in my opinion is to go with the multi-day passes. Disney’s motto is “The More you Play the Less You Pay” is true. Take for example, a 1 Day Pass costs at this moment costs $101.18 for a 1 Day Magic Kingdom adult and $94.79 for a child. Now if you are going to be there for 5 day for example, your best option is to purchase a 5 Day Base Ticket from The Official Ticket Center, this way you are only spending $58.40 a day per adult and $54.40 per child. Even Better for those spending more time, a 10 Day Disney Base Ticket from The Official Ticket Center would only be $35.50 per day per adult and only $33.00 per day per child.

Also a option for over seas travelers and even for US based guests, the Non-Expiration tickets might be best for you. Many travelers enjoy the deep savings of these tickets as they never expire and are less per day than the 14 Day expiration tickets. The most popular of these tickets are the 10 Day Park Hopper with No-Expiration tickets from The Official Ticket Center. Just think about it for a moment, it never expires, it can be used on every vacation for a visit here and there and it will never go up in price.

It is a investment in future vacations. The only thing that you need to remember is that these tickets cannot be used by anyone else other that you. If the Non-Expiration tickets are not for you then I recommend that you look at buying the Walt Disney World Base Tickets from The Official Ticket Center.

Discount Disney World Tickets

Military Discounts and Travel Clubs

If you happen to be in the military or belong to a travel club, your ticket prices can be good and bad. For example, there is a little secret that most people do not know who are in the military and that is Shades of Green over at the Walt Disney World Resort. There, military members can get great discounts that know one can touch.

I recommend that you call 1-888-593-2242 and ask the Shade of Green member what their rates are and if they are extended to additional family. If you belong to a travel club like AAA, make sure that you call them prior to your arrival for prices and make sure they are including their tax. The Official Ticket Center beats AAA prices and in most cases offers tickets that they do not offer.

Recap of What Tickets You Should Buy

Remember that the most important question to buying your discount theme park tickets is how many day you are going to be at the parks. Second question should be, do you want to Park Hop. Third question is , is a Non-Expiration ticket best for you or is a Disney Base Ticket what you need. Lastly, remember to buy your tickets from a local agent like The Official Ticket Center and not just some online no face company. Remember that having a friend in town goes along way.

There’s Just So Much to Do at Disney World During the Holiday Season

Holiday Season at the Disney Parks

Holiday Season at the Disney Parks

The Official Ticket Center ~ Spending the Holiday Season at WDW (Walt Disney World) is always extra-magical. A visit to this Florida based theme park Resort during the Holidays results in ultimate fun experience for families and couples from around the world. It puts you right in the middle of an epic celebration unlike any other. And with such incredible mix of actions and adventures, including exclusive themed shows and other surprises in the offing there is no doubt that the Resort is extra- special for guests and vacationers throughout the celebration period.

Whether it’s the annual Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party with spectacular parades and fireworks shows at the Magic Kingdom Park or the annual food and wine festival at Epcot, the mesmerizing mega-watt spectacle at the Hollywood Studios or the ever glittering Christmas parties and processions during the Christmas holidays or more there is no match to the amount of fun and entertainment Disney guests can have during the Holiday Season.

Every year the period from October through December, until Mickey meets Santa for the Christmas Weekends and beyond, the Resort adorns a more glamorous and dazzling look. The period is also considered to be the peak holiday season when the parks in Orlando are at their busiest best. From the moment you step inside you will be dragged into a world of sheer festive delight. Where besides the awe-inspiring attractions and rides, there exist plenty of specially hosted fun and entertainment opportunities. Being a part of the celebration, we can have a Disney experience, which is more colorful and more magical than before.

Also the event-specific decorations, awe-inspiring creativitie shows, and display of colors throughout the Disney parks during the occasion remind us of the incredible role played by the Imagineers. Just have a look at the colorful entrance or take a walk down the magically illuminated Main Street USA on a Halloween Night or gaze across the forecasted flurry of snowflakes along the Park’s Street with a warming cup of cocoa in hand on a Christmas evening- you could sensed the spirit of holiday is at all time high.

To me, it’s really inspiring watching the seasonal transformations of the parks on each specific occasion- such as, after the grand Halloween farewell, the entire Resort gears up for its amazing Christmas transition. A galaxy of seasonal decors with exclusive entertainment offerings and Christmas specials takes over the usual parks’ magic. And no-matter whichever part or corner of the park you are at the spirit of the season is amply felt. This is the time when every attraction greets you with a more refreshing and magical make-over like no other. Thanks to WDW for making our Holiday Season so special.

For discounts on Disney World admissions and passes to exclusive Orlando attractions and events, including discount Sea World Orlando tickets, Universal Studios tickets and other special Orlando packages you can consult one of our highly trained vacation planners by call us toll free at 1-877-406-4836.

‘Glow With the Show’ Mouse Ears – A Dazzling New Way to Enjoy Disney Spectacles

Glow with the show Mouse Ears

Glow with the show Mouse Ears

The Official Ticket Center ~ It seems enjoying a nighttime show at Disneyland Resort is more than just a spectacular glow. Imagine watching a show where you are not just a mere spectator, but also have the opportunity to actually add more color and glow to the magic during the event. Imagine the magical ear-hats that you and other guests are putting on start glowing – dancing and playing along with each musical and illuminated sequence as the show progress. And while you are occupied with those dream spectacles (with amazing colors and fireworks) your glowing ear-hat offers an impressive twist to that spectacular theme as it comes out of the lagoon, up the sky and into the audience. Indeed the integration of Glow with the Show mouse ears has revolutionized the prospects of viewing famous nighttime spectacles for over a year now.

No other parks in the world except Disney can connect the shows’ environs with the audience in such incredible style. For all the fans it’s all happening out there in Disney California Adventure Park and the Disneyland Resort. Whether it’s the famous World of Color show or other colorful events the cool Glow with the Show ear makes an amazing and dazzling new way to enjoy the spectacles the Parks have to offer. Truly, the imaginers had gone at length in taking Disney nighttime experience to the next level.

The magical Glow with the Show LED-filled ear-hats are designed so that they can collectively sync up to pulsate and glow with the show. The technological mystery behind this all impressive glow concept has an interesting revelation. As explained by the Disney creative & technical head it’s all about the use of infrared technology that influences the entire control infrastructure for the system. Also the fact that the audience area is divided into as many zones, each capable of sending specific signals to the hats within that zone is a unique initiative on part of the technical team. And the combination of zones and the unique serial number associated with each individual hat enables the creative team to control the hats both individually as well as in group.

Moreover, given the immense popularity and success of the Glow with the Show ears, I am pretty sure that the other Disney Parks in Florida will follow suite soon. And the time is not far for Disney World fans to glow in myriad colors with their version of the magical ear-hats, be it in the midst of Magic Kingdom’s most celebrated castle projection show- celebrate the Magic or at some other special areas in the Disney Hollywood Studios Park for that matter.

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Disney World’s Abandoned Attraction – The Discovery Island Still Reflects an Inspiring Past

A look at Disney's lost island

A look at Disney's lost island

The Official Ticket Center ~ Probably the story of Walt Disney World wouldn’t have been completed had Walt not spotted an inspiringly beautiful island in the Bay Lake long back. This little unspoiled looking island is considered to be the harbinger of the Disney World Project that tends to fascinate millions of theme park lovers today. The island itself being a natural gift had been a real source of inspiration for the Disney imaginers. It had played a unique role in the making of the greatest and happiest place on this Earth ever. Today while Discovery Island is no more a part of Disney attraction, its glorious past still inspires many Disney fans and visitors who had toured the island earlier.

The history of this abandoned Disney area narrates an interesting story which goes back to the time when it was known as Raz Island (between 1900 and 1937). From a great family living retreat and farming ground to favorite hunting retreat of a group of local business people, the Island had catered to different needs of its past owners. After Disney purchased the Island in 1965, it became the inspiration for the world’s largest and greatest theme park development initiative ever.

Map displaying Disney's Discovery Island

Map displaying Disney's Discovery Island

Being an unspoiled gift of Mother Nature, the Island occupied a unique place among all other man-made land-attractions as featured in the Walt Disney World Resort. The Discovery Island is intended as a nice and relaxing diversion for Disney World guests. Guests were transported to the Island by a boat ride from the Contemporary Resort or Fort Wilderness (the resort hotels along the Magic Kingdom Monorail Loop nearby).

During its twenty-five years of service as a nice little diversion attraction by Disney, it developed an unforgettable bond with its visitors and guests. From being a rather low-keyed and relaxing pirate themed-area called Treasure Island to a more rich and lush tropical Discovery Island and finally its abandonment in the year 1999, it’s a long long journey that was perished only to be remembered forever.

The original Discovery Island is closed for the public forever, but the very spirit it shared is still alive and actively practiced in Disney Animal Kingdom now. The emphasis on providing animals with the best of natural habitats and care is advocated in detail precision at Animal Kingdom today. There is also an exclusive Discovery Island Trail attraction that can be found at the Disney Park. Here one can discover the diverse botanical environment, including extensive habitat of wildlife and other secrets of nature the lost Discovery Island boasts of long before.

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