How to Make the Whole Family Smile with a Trip to Disney World Orlando

Is your family getting worn out from the daily grind of school, homework and sports?    It’s not unusual for families today to be overworked and overstressed due to all of the different obligations that they have.  If this sounds like the ones you love, perhaps it might be time to spice things up a bit with a vacation to sunny Florida.    Sometimes you just know when it’s time to plan a trip to Disney World Orlando that they will never forget!

The best way to go about planning a trip to Disney World is to start early with finding accommodations, looking for discount tickets to the park and scheduling park extras, such as the incredibly popular Disney character breakfast and park tours.  There are also some great parades, fireworks and live shows within the park throughout the year, so check out what is happening before you go and you won’t have to scramble at the last minute inside the park to find out what is happening.

If your family is really into Disney and you plan on spending most of your time within the Disney walls, then you should experience staying in a Disney resort hotel.  Most of the hotels are perfectly designed for kids, offering themed rooms and special extras to make their stay magical.  There’s plenty for adults at the Disney hotels as well, include spa treatments, outstanding dining experience and nighttime entertainment.  Staying at a Disney resort hotel also means that you can get to the parks faster and earlier than the general public, and you won’t have to drive anywhere unless you want to visit something outside of the Disney property.

Visiting Disney World can make even the most stubborn kids smile, as there is simply so much to see and do in each of the Disney Parks.  So if your family needs a much-deserved break from their normal routines, plan a trip to Disney World, and they’ll be smiling again in no time.  See yourself by purchasing discount Disney World passes today.

How to Save Money on Your Big Trip to Disney World Orlando

When you’re planning a trip to Disney World Orlando, you may find it difficult to get everything you want without overdoing it with your travel budget.  Like most theme parks, Disney World can be incredibly expensive to visit, but only if you aren’t aware of all the ways to save money.  Below are a few helpful tips to help you plan on staying well within your budget the next time you visit Orlando.

One common way that many travelers to the area like to save money is to stay at a hotel that is close to the park but not in the official Disney resort area.  The Walt Disney World resorts and hotels are beautiful and definitely worth the price, but only if you can afford it.  Visitors to the park that have kids or who simply don’t need the “full Disney” experience may find that staying offsite gives them more money to visit other fun parks in the area.

For those that really do want to experience a Disney resort hotel, try travelling in the offseason, as it’s the best time to get a great rate while enjoying shorter lines at the park and much smaller crowds overall.  The little known secret about the winter offseason in Florida is that with weather is very enjoyable, with sunny skies and warm temperatures without the heavy humidity and soaring temps that are found during the summer months.

A big key to saving big when planning a trip to Disney World is to purchase discounted park passes.  You can purchase a multi-park and multi-day pass option, or stick to one park for your whole trip.  Many families like the flexibility that the multi-park pass offer, as this way there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Don’t panic when planning your next Disney vacation!  By doing some research and taking your time to find the best deals on lodging, park passes and other items, you can enjoy big savings while providing your family with a trip that they’ll never forget.