‘Inside Disney Parks’ Newscast – A New Way of Receiving Updates Straight from the House of Mouse

The all new ‘Inside Disney Parks’ newscast is intended to bring all the top stories from the Disney Parks for the viewers in exclusive and surprising storytelling formats episode-wise.

It’s always a daunting task to stay in touch with each and every development and happenings at the world’s most magical Parks. When it comes to the House of Mouse the stories and updates are increasingly awesome, but the pace at which they keep taking place in the parks is awesome too. To keep track of stories in such overwhelming numbers is never an easy affair. Given the increasing nature of changes to popular attractions and rides, including plans of bringing to live new blockbuster fantasies every now and then, news of expansions and makeovers, also the frequent inclusion of new and exciting programs to the special annual events every time they return, I think it’s a never-ending blast of information.

With so much going around in the WDW (Walt Disney World) Resort of late that often we end up missing interesting stories and developments about the places and attractions we loved most. While not every single change and happening makes sense for some, there are others, including big time Disney loyal and admirers for whom a change to their favorite Parks means a lot. And why not, often it is seen that an announcement about a new plan or even the rumors about that announcement can create unprecedented fuss in the Disney communities, forums and groups across the globe.

Authentic real-time sources such as the official Disney Blog and news site- wdwnews.com or other news providers such as The Orlando Sentinel including many other Disney related news and media services for that matter offer great opportunities for us to stay connected with the latest about the Parks. All these news sources serve us with valuable information about important and interesting happenings, plans and announcement of upcoming attractions and offer day to day reports and views of major developments and expansions taking place inside. However, to make things even more interesting and exciting for fans Disney had recently came out with another first-of-its-kind news alternative – namely ‘Inside Disney Parks’ newscast.