Disney E-Tickets and How to Use Them

The new buzz at Disney is the E-Ticket. This is a new ticket that allows you to print your tickets off at home while having the opportunity to book your FastPass’s in advance. Many travelers want to get the “Jump” on booking their FastPass’s so purchasing E-Tickets seems the right way to go, Right? The big bonus to buying a Disney E-Ticket versus waiting a few days to have your actual Disney hard ticket shipped to your house is exactly that, a few days waiting. When you buy a E-Ticket, as soon as you hit Purchase, you get a confirmation number for the person you bought your E-Pass through. This now allows you to log into your My Disney Experience account and start booking your FastPass’s. This is Not your admission ticket, but a confirmation only.

You now have two options to gaining admission into the parks. First is if you already have a Disney wrist band and have already set up your account, you can add your confirmation number to your wristband and into the parks you go. If you do Not have a wristband, you will need to stop by any Disney Will-Call location to exchange your emailed receipt. If you are staying on Disney property, just stop by the front desk and they can do it there as well. The only true benefit to getting a E-Ticket is getting the jump on booking FastPass’s. That’s it! If you are staying on Disney property, you can book your FastPass’s 60 days out from your arrival. If you are Not staying on Disney property, you can book 30 days out.

This is great for travelers who are last minute shoppers and who are going to be here in a few days. If you are months out or even years out, Disney E-Tickets are not for you and you should just have your hard tickets mailed to your residence. If you already have a wristband with an existing My Disney Experience account holder, the Disney E-Ticket will always be a safe time saving bet for years to come!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact The Official Ticket Center in Orlando. Locally owned and operated, they have the best discounts on all Disney tickets as well as Universal Studios tickets and more. Please call toll free 1-877-406-4836