Where to buy your Discount Universal Halloween Horror Nights Tickets 2012

Discount Halloween Horror Nights Tickets

Why wait in line and pay full price?

The Official Ticket Center ~ If you do not want to wait in lines that can average over an hour to buy your Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night Tickets, then buy them local at The Official Ticket Center. Our office is only 15 minutes from Universal Studios and you can walk in and buy your discount tickets and be out the door in under 2 minutes. Why so many people go to the gates and wait for hours and then pay full price is a mystery. If you would like to buy them in advance thru the internet, you can do this as well and even have them mailed right to your home. If you would like to order them online click this link http://www.officialticketcenter.com/Universal-Studios-Halloween-Horror-Nights-Tickets.aspx

If you would like to go on a peak night (Friday or Saturday) click here  http://www.officialticketcenter.com/Products/Halloween-Horror-Nights-Fri-and-Sat-%28Peak%29__HHN2012-P.aspx

If you would like to go on a non-peak (Sunday-Thursday) click here http://www.officialticketcenter.com/Products/Halloween-Horror-Nights-Sun-thru-Thurs-%28Non-Peak%29__HHN2012-NP.aspx

Why wait in line and pay full price – Order Online at The Official Ticket Center Or call Us at: 1-407-396-9020