Spotting the Wilds in the Dark at Disney Animal Kingdom Is a Unique Treat

Disney by night at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney by night at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Noting is so inspiring and memorable than what the WDW (Walt Disney World Resort) has to offer. It is one such place where the world’s best found thrills, excitements and fun all come together to keep our incredible dreams alive. Truly, for a Disney passionate the magic is everywhere and in everything throughout the four Disney parks. Whether it’s the fairy-tale adventures at the Magic Kingdom Park or those amazing world exhibits at the Epcot, the blockbuster actions and scenes at Disney Hollywood Studios or the amazing encounters with the wilds at the Animal Kingdom Park, the list is endless. But through this article I feel inspired to bring to light one of the darkest delights the fourth Disney park has to offer.

It’s no surprise that Animal Kingdom Safari is always a special treat for guests and wildlife enthusiasts worldwide. And when the Safari takes place in the darkest hours of the night it becomes extra-special. Participating on a nighttime safari in the Animal Kingdom Park is really a fun challenge for me. Just hop on to an open-air safari truck putting on your night-vision goggles and you are all set to embark on an ever-challenging adventure tour like never before.

The adventure takes place after the dark and resembles a nighttime African game drive. Despite being a nighttime safari guests can enjoy all the surprises that the wilds of Animal Kingdom have to offer. There is neither such crowd to disrupt the much needed silence, nor such darkness to prevent those amazing sights of the wilderness. Also thanks to the presence of a lively and fun-filled guide or cast member with fascinating information on the animals that helps double our pleasures in the trip.

I think the fun that one have with a nighttime safari at the world famous theme park is really unique. In fact it’s a special animal spotting tour all wildlife lovers should enjoy while visiting the park. Right from the moment you set off, you will be greeted with many great surprises. Whether it’s the pregnancy barns, where pregnant animals were kept or the sightings of some wild cattle in their surprising best; the amazing confrontations with zebras on the trails or the pleasant encounters with giraffe and their fascinating tales, there is no end to the amount of fun one can have.

However, there is one limitation to this. It’s hard to accept that the trip is not open to all the visitors to the park. No outsiders can participate on a night safari. The special safari is only available for guests staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort and Animal Kingdom Villas. But then there is enough reason for this. And given the late night timings for the tour it seems more convenient to confine the availability to only those staying within the Park properties.

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