Space Shuttle Discovery Lands For The Last Time

Discovery's Last Misson Comes To An End


Kennedy Space Center FL. ~ Today at 11:53 am, the space shuttle Discovery flew over my house for the last time. As I stood out in my backyard in Davenport, which is in central Florida, the two sonic booms let me know that everything was ok with Discovery’s  re-entry and that she was just a few miles from being home. Thousands of visitors from around the world were on hand at Kennedy Space Center to witness this last landing and many locals as well. This was Discovery’s 39th and last mission and was the oldest of the space shuyyle fleet. Discovery has flown 148 million miles, completed 5,830 orbits around Earth, and has spent 365 days in space. Now that’s pretty impressive if you ask me. This according to some folks at NASA is the standing record for time spent in space by one of their shuttles. Below is the actual video of her last landing. I hope that she is put on display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex so that millions of visitors to our wonderful state get a chance to have a look at her and her history.


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