‘Slow-Mo’ Magic at the Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Take a Slow Motion Look at the Disney Parks

Take a Slow Motion Look at the Disney Parks


Life moves fast, and we think you’ll agree that even in the world of fantasy, discovery and magic of the Walt Disney World theme parks, things can still move swiftly. There’s so much to see, so much to immerse yourself in, so much to experience, marvel and enjoy. With all of this, it’s possible to miss some of the simpler things happening right before your eyes. So, Disney has decided to start giving our blog readers a look at some of these in a very different way, using a special camera designed to capture video in slow motion.

Today, we premiere some “Slo-Mo Magic,” with this brief video from the Imagination! Pavilion at Epcot Center. Through the years, millions of Guests visiting the pavilion have appreciated the water-ful dances performed by these famed fountains. We hope to offer you a new appreciation of their beauty with a special ending. Our host, Gary, really seems to “soak in” the magic.

In upcoming weeks, Disney crew members will be taking their cameras around the Disney World theme parks in search of more slo-mo beauty in the parks. Any suggestions on what to feature next?

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