Seven Ways to Snag Busch Gardens Tickets At a Discount

When you’re on the hunt for some cheap Busch Gardens tickets, the old saw “where there’s a will, there’s a way” completely applies. All you have to do to get to the Busch Gardens without paying full price is to want to, and put these seven ideas to good use.

Second Visit Free – Not technically a discount on your ticket price, but many vacationers don’t realize that a single park Busch Gardens ticket will almost always have the option to allow the visitor to return any time within 7 days for another day of excitement without having to pay for another ticket. This rule applies even if you’re already getting a discount from another source.

Annual Pass – Similarly, if you’re going to be in the Tampa Bay area for an extended period of time, or multiple times across the year, an annual pass for Busch Gardens will quickly reach a lower cost-per-visit than a series of normal tickets or even discount tickets.

Employer Discounts – If you work for Busch Gardens or one of their affiliated companies, you can probably get deeply discounted tickets just by asking your HR department.

Free Military Tickets – An active member of any branch of the United States Military may bring themselves and up to three family members to Busch Gardens for free any time before December 31st, 2011. Look up HeroSalute for specifics on how.

Vacation Packages – Vacation packages are generally comprehensive, offering hotel, parking, park admission, and sometimes food benefits in a single package. You can often stack other special offers on top of a vacation package

Florida Resident’s Fun Card – If you are a Florida resident or you’re friends with a Florida resident, you can look up where to get a Florida Fun Card, which gives you greatly reduced prices on tickets to all manner of theme parks, from Busch Gardens tickets to Universal Studios tickets.

The Internet – Generally the easiest and the most effective tool for getting reduced costs on Busch Gardens tickets, all it takes is a little elbow (finger?) grease, a computer, and some persistence to find some excellent discounted Busch Gardens tickets online.

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