Sesame Street Safari of Fun at Busch Gardens

Sesame Street Characters Give Sneak Peek During Media Tour

Sesame Street Characters Give Sneak Peek During Media Tour

Set to open on March 27th, Safari of Fun is an all-new Sesame Street themed playland at Busch Gardens, (sister park to Sea World Orlando) in Tampa, Florida.  Replacing Land of the Dragons, Safari of Fun will be filled with kid-sized rides, water fun, shows, and adventures that celebrate the spirit of Africa.  “We needed to be doing a better job for families with young children,” said Donnie Mills, executive president and general manager for Busch Gardens.  

Busch Gardens released information and details on the new rides and attractions during a media tour last Thursday.

Air Grover Junior Roller Coaster

Air Grover Junior Roller Coaster

Safari of Fun will be double the size of the Land of Dragons, totaling 2.5 acres once construction is complete, and will feature several additions which are sure to delight young children and their parents alike!  The most buzzed about attraction is the Air Grover junior roller coaster, which has been designed to allow parents and children to ride together.  Billed as “your child’s first roller coaster,” Air Grover targets children as young as three years old.  The structure of the coaster is complete, and the attraction is simply waiting on the desert-style landscaping.

Construction has begun on many of the other attractions as well, including Bert and Ernie’s Watering Hole, a new shallow-water play area that will feature bubblers, geysers, jets, water guns, and all kinds of wet fun!  The area will be surrounded by benches for weary adults looking for a break. 

In addition to the attractions and play areas, kids will enjoy watching some of their favorite characters from the Street in the 4-D theater located in Timbuktu.  “Sesame Street Presents Lights, Camera, Imagination!” brings the muppet’s adventures to life with zany 3-D gags and special 4-D effects like wind and water simulations. 

Air Grover / Safari of Fun Concept Art

Air Grover / Safari of Fun Concept Art

In some areas, learning will be combined with fun.  “If you take our children’s car ride, The Count ride, it will be about counting along the way of the track,” shares Mills.  Characters such as The Count will play larger roles throughout the  year, with The Count being featured more during Halloween, and Rosita during Viva la Musica, says Director of Production Scott Swenson.

Familes can look forward to unique dining experiences and photo opportunities, in addition to all of the rides and attractions.

Safari of Fun - 2.5 Acres!

Safari of Fun - 2.5 Acres!

Rides and Play Areas

Air Grover: A junior coaster full of turns and mini-dives for parents and kids to ride together.

The Count’s Zambezi Rally: A kid-size car ride that takes you on a jaunt through desert and tribal trails.

Zoe-Patra & the Hippos of the Nile: A splashy flume ride through the famed river.

Snuffy’s Elephant Romp: Fly around and around and up and down on Snuffy’s fun friends.

Elmo’s Safari Go-Round: A tribal-inspired carousel with Elmo and his friends.

Rosita’s Djembe Fly-Away: A swing ride through the jungle that sends kids whirling above the African canopy.

Big Bird’s Whirly Birdie: It’s funny side up on Big Bird’s delightfully playful Ferris wheel ride.

Telly’s Jungle Jam: Explore sounds, shapes and shadows in this naturally engaging play area for kids of all abilities.

Elmo’s Treehouse Trek: A three-story hideaway to play hide-n-seek and get a bird’s eye view of the entire play land.

Cookie Monster’s Canopy Crawl: Climb, crawl and explore this three-story net climb.

Slimey’s Sahara Sand: A fun-filled, sand-filled beachy oasis where kids can frolic in the coolest desert around.

Oscar’s Swamp Stomp: Stomp, splash and play in Oscar’s delightfully cool water play area.

Bert & Ernie’s Watering Hole: A water adventure filled with bubblers, geysers, jets, dumping buckets and more.

Sunny Day Theater: Musical performances bring tales of adventure to life.

Sesame Street presents “Lights, Camera, Imagination!”: A 4-D movie that brings the Sesame Street Muppets’ adventures to life with zany 3-D gags and special effects like wind, water and jump-out-of-your-seat surprises. Plays in 4-D theater in Timbuktu area of the park.

Big Bird Door at "Big Bird's 1 2 3 Smile with Me!" Photo Op

Big Bird Door at "Big Bird's 1 2 3 Smile with Me!" Photo Op

Photo Ops


Air Grover Ride Photos

Big Bird’s 123-Smile with Me: Meet and greet the Sesame Street characters.


Dine with Elmo and Friends: Share breakfast or lunch with Elmo and his friends on select days at an outdoor dining facility adjacent to Sesame Street Safari of Fun.

Snack-n-Getti Tribal Treats: Tasty treats to keep your energy up.


Abby Cadabby’s Treasure Hut: A bazaar of unique items, including tons of safari treasures and Sesame Street gifts you can’t find any place else.

Cookie Monster’s Trading Post: Looks like Cookie Monster’s cravings have gone beyond sweets. Check out his trading post full of safari-inspired fun gifts.


*Safari of Fun is included with general Busch Gardens Park Admission.  For more information, or to purchase Busch Gardens Discount Tickets, please visit our Website, The Official Ticket Center, or call us toll-free at 1-877-406-4836.

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