Sea World Tweets Animal Facts!

Check out the Penguin Spotlight Tour at Sea World!

Check out the Penguin Spotlight Tour at Sea World!

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#Animal Fact:  Penguins have color vision and are sensitive to violet, blue, and green wavelengths of light.

#Animal Fact:  Did you know a group of stingrays is known as a fever of rays?

#Animal Fact:  Harbor seals can remain submerged for up to 28 minutes and dive to depths of 295 ft.

Here’s a fact of our own:  Did you know that Sea World Orlando offers great upgrades, including  behind-the-scenes tours and animal interactions?  With the money you’ll save purchasing Discount Sea World Tickets, you should definitely consider enhancing your vacation with one of these awesome packages!

Penguin Spotlight Tour

Are you passionate about penguins? Partial to puffins? If so, travel from pole-to-pole on this 60-minute walking tour. Go behind-the-scenes of Penguin Encounter to hear from the animal care experts about what it takes to care for these unique birds. Get the rare opportunity to see a puffin up-close and interact with penguins. You’ll even get a chance to pet a penguin!  Please note this tour involves a set of stairs and may involve walking on ice or wet surfaces.  Reservations are required.

That's me, on the Penguin Spotlight Tour!

That's me, petting a penguin!


Coming Soon – Sea Lion Tour

Are you silly for sea lions? If so, check out this two-hour tour to find out what it takes to care for and train the hilarious stars of Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island. Enjoy the high-spirited hijinks of this comedic duo from your reserved seats and then meet one of the stars of the show for an exclusive photo shoot immediately following his performance. For the grand finale help feed buckets of fish to dozens of sea lions and harbor seals at Pacific Point Preserve. It will be an uproarious experience you’ll never forget!  Reservations are rquired.

Nice to meet you!!
Nice to meet you!!


Feeding Opportunities

For just a few dollars, you can feed various animals throughout the park!  Go to Stingray Lagoon and Pacific Point Reserve anytime to feed the stingrays and seals.  It is so much fun to watch the animals swim right up to you!  The stingrays actually suck the fish right out of your hand and the seals will catch fish you throw at them in their open mouths.  Be on the lookout for baby stingrays and seals – they are so cute!  If you’re interested in feeding the dolphins, you’ll have to find out first when the feeding times are.  The dolphins’ diets are on a strict routine, so you need to make sure you’re around during a feeding time.  You’ll get to spend a good 20 minutes feeding them, while Sea World photographers snap photos for you to peruse at a later time.

Feeding the Seals!

Feeding the Seals!


Adding on a behind-the-scenes tour or animal interaction is definitely worth the extra money, and I speak from personal experience.  Especially with all of the money you’ll save purchasing Discount Sea World Tickets.   For more information, please visit our website or Kissimmee Location, The Official Ticket Center, or call us toll-free at 1-877-406-4836.

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