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Sea World Parks and Entertainment

Busch Entertainment, the Orlando theme park operator, was renamed Sea World Parks & Entertainment, shortly after the closing of its $2.7 billion sale to The Blackstone Group. 

For about 50 years, Busch Entertainment had been associated with beer giant Anheuser-Busch, “a period in which the company grew from a single beer garden in Tampa into the nation’s second-largest theme-park chain with approximately 24 million visitors a year,” according to the Orlando Sentinel.  As of Tuesday, December 1st, the sale and name change officially ends that association.





 Jim Atchison, President of Sea World Parks & Entertainment, said the new name “reflects our independence and autonomy.”  The name Busch Entertainment Corp. “was not going to fit with us moving forward,” he said.  “It wasn’t really as much to disassociate from Busch as it was a desire to create a name that more fairly represented who we are.”

Using Sea World in the new name was a no-brainer.  “Sea World is our flagship brand,” said Atchison.  The namesake of parks in Orlando, San Diego, and San Antonio, Sea World is the best known of its brands, boasting an estimated 6 million visitors last year.


AB InBev LogoIt is important to note that the Anheuser-Busch presence won’t be erased entirely – the two Busch Gardens theme parks in Tampa and in Williamsburg, VA will keep their names via a long-term contract agreement with AB InBev.

Sea World Parks & Entertainment said via their blog: “Although our name is different, little else will change for the 26 million guests who visit us each year.  Our parks are unchanged.  We remain committed to delviering family-friendly adventures, educational experiences, and conservation.”





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Sea World Parks & Entertainment

Sea World Parks & Entertainment


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