Sea World Orlando~Dolphins Blowing Underwater Rings Amaze Tourists of All Ages

Sea World Orlando Dolphins Doing Amazing Things

Sea World Orlando Dolphins Doing Amazing Things

The playful creatures at Sea World Orlando, create the bubbles with their blowholes, then chase and swim through them.

Keepers of the bottle-nose dolphins, who live at Sea World Orlando, say the behaviour comes naturally to the animals, whose wild counterparts also blow bubbles.

“The blowhole is their nose and all they are doing is exhaling air through it under water and the bubble they create goes up to the surface and expands creating a ring.”

There are 18 dolphins living at the Sea World Orlando theme park, ranging in age from two to their late 20’s.

Mr Ramos-Nabariete, 46, added: “They all can blow bubbles, and there is no way of telling if one or more dolphins do this more than others, as the behaviour is unpredictable.

“Sometimes if the ring is large enough they will swim through the bubble almost as if they are showing off.

“Other times they will simply admire their work and mouth at it like a child who has frothed up a milkshake.”

Tourists who flock to see the dolphins are equally impressed.

“This was the first time that I have seen a dolphin let alone see them act in such a human manner,” said Sophie, from St Albans who is on holiday in the resort. “I feel very privileged to have seen such an intimate display.”

Sea World Orlando Dolphin Spotlight Tour

Do you have what it takes to be a dolphin trainer? Find out on this 60-minute walking tour as we go backstage at Whale and Dolphin stadium to uncover what it takes to care for, and train, the stars of our visually stunning Blue Horizons show. Then, participate in a training session with our animal care staff at Dolphin Cove and touch a dolphin.

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