Save on your Orlando vacation by staying in a rental home?

Vacation Home Rentals In Orlando, Florida

Vacation Home Rentals In Orlando, Florida

The Official Ticket Center 7/18/2012 ~ Millions of travelers each year make the trek to Orlando, Florida to soak up the sun and visit our world famous theme parks. Most people use online booking engines to search for the cheapest way to get here, hotels and car rentals. While the most expensive aspect to a vacation is the airfare, the second is definitely the accommodations! While the average family still thinks a hotel or motel is the best and cheapest way to go, the truth is that a typical family can rent a vacation home rental with all of the bells, whistles and a pool  for the same price as a resort stay or even cheaper. One such company that specializes in this little hidden fact is Owner Tom Mannings of Top Villas states that he can find any traveler a beautiful, fully furnished vacation home rental, with pool within minutes of the Walt Disney World Resort area for about the same weekly cost that an average family would spend at a hotel within the same distance to Disney. With so many beautiful new homes in the Orlando resort area, many of these homes are bought to rent out to families wanting to have the comforts of their own home, without dragging everything in their suitcases. “Each home is a home away from home”, Tom comments, “and we can make any family feel right at home after a day at the parks or out at our beautiful beaches”. In addition to providing beautiful Orlando villas to their guests, Top Villas also can provide travelers with additional guest service items such as car rentals and discount theme park tickets.

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