Sample Beverages From Around The World At Epcot’s Club Cool

Beverly Taste Tests At Epcot

Beverly Taste Tests At Epcot

Club Cool at Epcot is a perfect stop on a hot summer day. And once inside, you’ll likely hear chatter ( maybe even a few stories) about an Italian beverage called Beverly. It’s made by The Coca-Cola Company and it has a distinct taste. I certainly remember the first time I tasted it and here are a few others who probably will too. Check it out:

Yes, some Guests crave the stuff – I’ve met a few. Of course, you can sample other Coca-Cola products from countries around the world at Club Cool. Here’s the list:

•Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique
•Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica
•Vegeta Beta from Japan
•Kinley Lemon from Israel
•Lift Apple from Mexico
•Smart Watermelon from China
•Mezzo Mix from Germany
Have you tried Beverly? Share your favorite beverage in the comments or leave a comment on our Epcot blog.

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