New Years Eve Parties In Orlando 2011 ~ What Will The Orlando Theme Parks Have In Store This Year?

New Years Eve Parties In Orlando 2011

New Years Eve Parties In Orlando 2011


As many of the locals know, Orlando is a busy town during New Years Eve. As with any town, the New Years Eve Parties are the most popular place to be when ushering in the 2011 New Year, but in Orlando, it is big business. When New Years Eve hits Orlando, the Orlando theme parks jockey to have the best, most exciting events and the locals and travelers from around the world are the winners of this healthy competition. Each year the Orlando New Years Eve Parties get bigger and louder as theme parks invite top billed music artists to perform at their events. Last year at Universal Studios New Years Eve Party, the tickets to their event were sold out in the first week at over $100 a pop, while the New Years Eve Party at the Magic Kingdom was held at the parks maximum capacity which is around 80 to 100 thousand visitors. The one great thing about the -New Years Eve Parties in Orlando 2011 at the Walt Disney World parks is that they do not charge extra money like Universal Studios Orlando does, but to Universal’s defense, their party is a private party that includes tasty eats, drinks and performances, by top named artists and entertainers. Disney’s Hollywood Studios also has their own New Years Eve Party and they too have top named artists performing as well as a fireworks show and cash bars for beverages. This years 2011 New Years Eve Party at Epcot will be second to none as they pull no punches with their drinks around the world, followed by one of the best fireworks shows next to Magic Kingdom’s perimeter fireworks shoot on the Seven Seas Lagoon. Epcot tickets include these special fireworks as does with your Magic Kingdom tickets and Hollywood Studios tickets. No extra charges at the Disney parks for their 2011 New Years Eve Party.

Sea World Orlando also puts on a wonderful, family friendly New Years Eve Party and they too have a fireworks show to bring in the 2011 New Year. If you plan on having a few drinks to celebrate, Sea World sells alcohol and Champaign. Everything is included with your general admission Sea World tickets and there is no additional charges for the New Years Eve 2011 party. Almost all of the Orlando theme parks sell alcohol with the exception of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. But if plan to be at the Magic Kingdom and want to have a few drinks to celebrate the 2011 New Year, then I recommend that you leave a little early before 12 o’clock and take the Resort Monorail over to one of the 4, Seven Seas Lagoon resorts and go have drinks in one of their several, beautiful lounges which all have a view of the Magic Kingdom. We should be seeing the tickets to the 2011 Orlando New Years Eve Parties soon, so please check back often to get your discount theme park tickets in advance.

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