New Ride at Aquatica, Sea World’s Waterpark in March 2010

Omaka Rocka at Aquatica, Sea World's Waterpark

Omaka Rocka at Aquatica, Sea World's Waterpark

Sea World Entertainment and Parks recently announced a new ride coming to the Aquatica waterpark in Orlando, Florida – The Omaka Rocka (translates to “Rocking River”).  We previously reported that Aquatica was making expansion preparations to the slide, Whanau Way.  The two rides will share a tower, as seen in the design concept above, and is slated to be ready for riders in March 2010, according to Aquatica Vice President Rick Beddow.

Riders will travel in two-seater tubes through a set of three funnels, experiencing moves and sensations similar to that of BMXers and skateboarders.  “They’re going to slide up one side and get a sensation of near weightlessness. They’ll come down that side and back up the other. They’ll probably be going backwards, but most definitely going to be screaming,” Beddow said.

Aquatica by Sea WorldThe new attraction will feature two slides, each with three funnels. Brian Morrow, director of Design and Engineering, says the design is appealing because it is unique and has a large capacity, which should make the lines throughout the rest of the park shorter.  Portions of the ride will be enclosed, but with a new semi-transparent fiberglass tubing.  “It allows light to come through the slide, so not only will it be bright and colorful on the enclosed sections, but when you’re not riding, waiting underneath, you’ll be able to see the riders sliding around above you,” Morrow said.

The ride will have no height restrictions.  As long as the rider can maintain the proper seating position while holding on to both handles unassisted, they will be good to go!

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