NASA plans to roll Ares I-X test rocket to Kennedy Space Center launch pad

Kennedy Space Center Aresix-Launch

Kennedy Space Center Aresix-Launch

NASA engineers at Kennedy Space Center Florida  are putting the finishing touches on the Marshall Space Flight Center Ares I-X test rocket this week. The rocket is slated make its journey to Launch Pad 39B on Sunday.
First motion for Ares I-X out of Kennedy Space Center Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pad is targeted for 11:01 p.m. CDT on Oct. 19, NASA managers say. The 4.2-mile journey is expected to take approximately seven hours.
NASA hopes to learn enough from the Ares I-X test rocket to help better design the Ares I rocket, which it plans to use as a replacement to the space shuttle. Kennedy Space Center, Florida will hold two media events on Wednesday, Oct. 14, to highlight hardware that will fly to the International Space Station on space shuttle Atlantis’ STS-129 mission and modifications that have been made to Launch Pad 39B for the Ares I-X flight test.

The first event will showcase the STS-129 mission and will take place at 11 a.m. EDT at Kennedy Space Center Space Station Processing Facility. Media will have the opportunity to speak with managers involved in processing two external logistics carriers filled with spare parts for the orbiting laboratory.Kennedy Space Center tickets will not be sold to the general public for this event. 

Then at 2 p.m., media are invited to view the completed changes to Launch Pad 39B. The pad has undergone modifications for the upcoming Ares I-X rocket flight test targeted for launch on Oct. 27. The first major mod was the installation of three 600-foot lightning towers. Other Ares I-X work includes the addition of access platforms and environmental control systems, removal of shuttle unique subsystems and installation of the vehicle stabilization system. If you wish to see the Kennedy Space Center complex and need discount Kennedy Space Center tickets, please contact our office at 1-877-406-4836

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