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Kennedy Space Center Tickets | The Official Ticket Center

Kennedy Space Center Tickets | The Official Ticket Center

NASA says it’s inviting fifth- through eighth-grade U.S. students to take part in a water limitation management and recycling design competition.

“Participants in the competition will design and test water recycling systems that could be used for future exploration of the moon,” the space agency said in a statement. “The top three teams will receive awards, and the first place team will receive an expense-paid trip to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.”

Teams should consist of up to six students and one teacher or mentor, with proposals and results submitted for evaluation by Feb. 1. Schools in the United States and its territories, science museums, science centers and home school groups may host teams.

Officials said the competition is designed to engage and retain students in the science, technology, engineering and math disciplines critical to NASA’s missions.

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