Many New Changes to Universal Orlando this Summer

As many of you know already, Universal Studios Orlando has purchased Wet n Wild and is closing it at the end of this year. No one knows as of yet what they will do with the water park but one thing is for sure, something bigger and better is in the works, The new water park to take its place will be Volcano Bay and it will be on Universal’s own property next to their resorts. Many feel it was time for something new as Wet n Wild has been around forever.

New is good in the theme park business. It is what make travelers come back year after year. The other newest addition to open at Universal is Reign of Kong at Islands of Adventure. This is modeled after Peter Jackson’s movie and not the old Kong that was inside Universal Studios. Things like this make people want to come back. Ever since the addition of the two Harry Potter areas in their parks, travelers from around the world have been booking their vacations in order to immerse themselves into this world wide love of J.K. Rowling’s books. The theme parks have learned to give guests what they want and million dollar playgrounds are it.

Gone are the single ride rides and now it seems that full blown emersion is the new trend. Even getting to areas of the theme parks have become a ride into themselves. The new Hogswort Express in Universal’s Monorail. Guests get on at either park’s Harry Potter area and are transported to the next via train ride. It is not exactly a train ride but a attraction where you will see all of your favourite Potter friends and characters. Staying at the parks is now even more fun as their resorts have grown and carry some of the coolest places to stay in Orlando. The newest is Cabana Bay Resort. It is circa 1950 Florida beach style with all of the bells and whistles. You are greeted in the drive up guest check-in area by vintage 1950 cars and a lobby that goes straight back to the time of my parents. All this and more awaits you at Universal Orlando Resort.

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