Making the Most of Your Orlando Vacation With Kids

Navigating the theme parks without stress

Navigating the theme parks without stress

Many people plan years in advance for their Orlando vacation and many only see a few mentionable things. Their biggest mistake people make is to try and cram as much into their days as possible and then wonder why they need a vacation from their vacation at the end of their trip. Many even go as far as to say that they didn’t have a good time on their much needed getaway. My advice is to research as much as possible and make the right choice for you and your family. Think about who is in your party and what special needs they may require. What I mean is, do you have little ones or is it just adults coming. If you have children, then think about nap times and dragging them all around the theme parks. This is the biggest cause of stress to the traveling parents that I have witnessed in my years in the theme park business.

Try to think about theses factors in your planning to the Orlando theme parks as it will save you time and stress at the end of the day. Take games, juice boxes and hard candy. These will help with the excited kids waiting in lines. Any little snacks will do the trick. Bring along hand held battery operated fans as well. These little life savers are worth their weight in gold on a long hot day at the theme parks. Many park will allow you to bring in a small collapsible cooler into the parks, so stop by Subway and pack a few subs for lunch or for whenever you and the kids start to get grumpy due to a empty stomach. Your planned attack of conquering the theme parks is a strategic one, so plan wisely. Lets use the Magic Kingdom as an example. Most people do not realize that Walt created this park with mass people in mind. If you look, you will notice that the side walks are wider on the right hand side. This was designed due to the study of large groups of people traveling in a given direction. People tend to travel to the right not the left. My advice is to go against the flow and go to the left. This is my advice at Sea World, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. You and your kids will get to see more without waiting in long lines if you do this first thing in the morning. Try to get to the parks as early as you can, opening if possible. Ride the most popular rides first, then all of the smaller 2nd choice rides later in the day. Try to think of a time to take your little ones out for a break. Instead of going all the way back to your hotel and wasting valuable time, use the parks resort hotels instead. These resorts are right there on the outskirts of the parks and are a great place to take your little ones to for a little siesta.

This is a great time for mom and dad to cool off and have a drink while the little vacationers take a nap. Pack a change of cloths for you and the kids as well. This is a big bonus on your overall feel if you plan on staying the whole day, into the night. Pack a big water bottle so that you can fill throughout the theme parks. This will keep you and the kids hydrated and cool without breaking the bank on soda pops. The key to survival in the parks is staying hydrated. Lastly, pack unscented wipes. These are a great thing to have so that you can use to cool off or clean up faces and hands.  Remember, you are on vacation and you are here to relax and enjoy. Go into this adventure with a good attack plan and the personal essentials of comfort and you will have a great trip. Go there winging it and you are guaranteed to pay for it. If you have any questions on making your trip an enjoyable, pleas call our office at 1-877-406-4836 or if you need to purchase you discount Orlando theme park tickets for the parks the click here

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