Kennedy Space Center Weekly Scoop

Hi everyone! Patrick Here. I just wanted to pass along some new information that was dropped off at our office the other day by our Kennedy Space Center represenitive. As most of you know, the Space Shuttle STS 119 went off last Sunday. It was a beautiful site and I will personally miss the night shots!!! This was the last of the night time launches and I am glad that most of Florida got to see this amazing site. It was seen all the way from Tampa on the other side of the state! The next Space Shuttle Launch is on May 15, 2009 at 7:05 pm EST. This launch will be from launch pad LC-39A. Dont miss this as the Space Shuttle is in it’s last days of service!

 This month’s Astronaut Encounter will be:

March 17-21 Jon McBride

March 22-28 Sam Gemar

March 29-30 Story Mustgrave ( I love this guy!!!) 

March 31-April 2 Al Worden

So dont forget to spend a day at Kennedy Space Center and arrive early as this is a full day event! Purchase your Kennedy Space Center Tickets right here with The Official Ticket Center. Florida’s #1 Discount Ticketing Agency. Lowest Price Guarentee!!! 

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