Is buying Walt Disney World Packages right for you?

Confused on buying a vacation package?

Confused on buying a vacation package?

 If you have been watching your television lately, I am sure you have seen all of the Walt Disney Word promotion regarding their packages and hotel stay combos. Disney has rolled out the red carpet for families on a budget, but to tell you the truth, families on a budget can do much better shopping ala carte. Statistics show that the majority of travelers to Orlando, Florida use the Internet to perform organic searches for the best deals on Disney tickets and hotel accommodations. I am the same way when I research for an upcoming vacation. First I see what the package deals are and then I search for the individual items I want. Every time I do this, I find that when I shop ala carte, I find it hundreds of dollars cheaper. For example, when you purchase a package deal, you are getting a $20 room rate and everything else is just about full price. They can only lower the cost of the room, but they can’t lower the air fare, car rental or their meals. Knowing this information, you can now for example, using Orlando for an example, shop for your discount Disney tickets, Universal Studios tickets, Sea World tickets and then find a good off property hotel close to the theme parks, eat at the many buffet’s located within minutes of your hotel and find a great deal on your air fare. Most companies are willing to compete for your buisness and you can find great deals on car rentals as well. Look for the smaller mom and pop companies as they will have the knowledge and rescources to get you that great deal. Lastly, many package deals come with restrictions and hidden costs. Beware of anything that sounds to good to be true. Always shop around before you buy. Ask if they can meet or beat a competitors price. Most smaller buisness will be more than happy to accomidate any reasonable price match. Now that you know what to look for, please call us if you are planning on traveling to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios or Sea World and let our staff help you with your Orlando, Florida vacation planning needs before you go and purchase any package. Remember to follow our blog here at and stay up to date on all Disney tickets, Universal Studios tickets, Sea World tickets, Kennedy Space Center tickets and all of our other great promotions here at

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