Hunting Hidden Mickeys Is a Favorite Sport Among Disney World Mouse Lovers

Keep Your Eyes Open... They are Everywhere!

Keep Your Eyes Open... They are Everywhere!

Beyond the magical theme-park attractions and rides the existence of the legendary mouse – ears in ultimate disguise doubles our Disney delights. As a great fan of the Mouse I believe that the concept of Hidden Mickeys plays a unique role in strengthening our connections with the famous Disney World parks every time we visit them. Whether it’s at the Magic Kingdom or the Epcot the opportunities of finding Hidden Mickeys are many. Moreover, being able to figure out the magical ears in their most elusive formats during a Disney vacation is always a rewarding experience for me. In fact hunting for those secret images and shadows of the mouse is an ever-challenging fun opportunity one should not miss while visiting the world’s most beloved theme parks.

For Disney fans the term Hidden Mickey is probably one of the best kept secrets the Mouse has to offer till date. There is nothing official about it and no acknowledgement made on this regard by the theme-park management yet. The existence of Hidden Mickeys is totally based on visitors’ personal experiences. And more interestingly the sightings recorded from the sights of a curious beholder often form the basis of keeping alive this one of the most awe-inspiring concept in the history of Disney parks.

Initially started as a theme-park insider joke among early Disney imagineers, the mysteriously popular concept had been widely accepted by fans and soon became a part of the park tradition. Despite being a topic, primarily based on many speculations, Hidden Mickey never stops inspiring and influencing the ever increasing fan base. Whether there is a Mickey lurking in the shadows of an attraction or ride, or a possible representation of the mouse taking shape in the eye of a curious beholder, the hunt for Hidden Mickeys continues to be the most exciting mysteries among the millions of Disney mouse hunters worldwide.

Today Hidden Mickeys are everywhere around the Disney Orlando resort, but only the passionate few can locate them. The subtly placed images and ear- shadows can be found hidden in any form and at any place or attraction in the parks. Sometimes a Hidden Mickey may be spotted in the shape of a body part or organ of some highly creative Disney murals or it can take the form of a giant Mickey-shaped park layout when viewed from above, there is no limit to the range of possibilities in finding these world famous silhouettes. I think while the Disney imagineers seem to have great fun with their clandestine task of adding more and more Hidden Mickeys, guests take ultimate pride every time they unearth a new one of these iconic ears.

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