How to Surprise Your Family with Orlando Theme Park Tickets

Surprising your family with Orlando theme park tickets can provide an amazing, joyful experience that you and your kids will never forget.  Some parents report that surprising their kids is often just as fun as the trip itself, as many kids are so excited at the prospect of visiting the theme parks that they’ve always dreamed of.  Keep reading for our pro tips on pulling off the ultimate Orlando vacation surprise with your family.

One of the most common ways to surprise kids with a trip to Orlando is to wrap up some theme park tickets in a gift basket on their birthday, Christmas or Chanukah.  If you really want to dazzle the recipient, include some fun travel extras, including good sunblock, a fuzzy beach towel, a new bathing suit and some travel games.  This is a fun way to give a big gift within a gift, and it’s sure to help conceal the surprise until the gift is given.

Don’t have any birthdays or holidays coming up?  No problem!  You can always reveal the big vacation surprise by buying some stuffed animals or other gear, such as Disney plush toys if you will be visiting the Disney resort, and leaving it on the child’s bed with a note announcing the trip.  Another option is to tell the kid’s you are going one place, such as a local park or entertainment venue and then surprise them once you are on the way to the airport.  This can a be a bit risky with older kids who aren’t prepared to hop on a plane at a moment’s notice, so be sure that your surprise doesn’t end up being an inconvenience.

No matter how you do it, you won’t believe how excited your family is when they realize what you are giving them.  A trip to Orlando isn’t just fun for the whole family, but it provides a great opportunity to create some amazing memories that will last for a lifetime.  See for yourself by planning your family trip today!

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