How to Save While visiting the Disney Water Park

Getting the most from your Disney vacation

Getting the most from your Disney vacation

If you have ever been to Florida during the hot seasons, which is pretty much all the time, you know there is no better place in Central Florida to cool off like the Walt Disney World Water Parks. These two world class aquatic theme parks are located on the property of the Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando, Fl. Both Disney water parks have unique themes that make their guests feel like they have been transported to another far away location like a tropical paradise emerging from a furious, fabled storm or a freak snowstorm that has hit Florida and a ski resort was built. Regardless, the Walt Disney World has grown since our parents days. When visiting these water parks be sure to purchase your tickets at a discount through a authorized ticket seller like The Official Ticket Center. Normally you can save a few dollars on these tickets, but the most important issue here is that you will not have to wait in line to buy your tickets. Lines at the Disney water parks during the summer months can be quite long and with the sun beating down back make this a bad way to start your day! Once you enter Blizzard Beach or Typhoon lagoon, get yourself a locker to store you personal items in. Watches, wallets, money or jewelry should never be left unattended at your spot while at the park. Yes there are even thieves at the Disney parks, so be smart! Next, find the perfect resting place. This can be a big task if you get there late so remember that the early bird gets the worm here. Try to be there 15 minutes before the water parks open to insure the best location to spend the day. I know that at Typhoon Lagoon, the best spot in my experience is just right of the far end of the wave pool in the cove with the lazy rive directly behind us. Plenty of both shad and sun with the wave pool ripples in front and the lazy river just behind me. Remember to do a little homework to find the best secrets from others who have visited before you. You wont be sorry! People always ask me about bringing food into the water parks. My answer is, “YES” you can bring food into both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. But remember this, you cannot bring in a giant cooler like you are going to the beach. Think small school sized, collapsible and you will be just fine. There is NO glass containers or alcohol allowed or at any Disney park for that matter. As a side note, remember that you are in Florida and the sun will burn you to the core if you do not wear sunscreen, so pack plenty or your will regret it! Both park do however have a gift shop is you should forget any essential items of forget you towels. Each of the Disney water parks open around 10 am and close around 8 pm seven days a week. If you should get hungry and thirsty while attending the parks, there are counter service food locations in the park. Now with the new Magic+ wrist bands, you can link your credit card directly to your wrist band and pay with a wave of your hand. Pretty awesome! Both water parks have large wave pools and world class water rides, so be sure to research the best Disney water park for you and your family.

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