How to Allocate Time Between Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Orlando

The biggest issue when anyone goes on a vacation is how much time one can spent at any destination and have the most fun right? Well this has been a new issue with many travelers to the Orlando theme parks lately. Not to long ago Disney World was the destination of choice and there was only 1 other attraction keeping Disney from the theme park monopoly and that company’s name was SeaWorld. The travelers of the past would come down by the hundreds of thousands and spend at least a whole week exploring Walt’s theme parks. Some would take a day and go to SeaWorld while others would just stay the whole time over at Walt Disney World enjoying the parks and sitting by anyone of Walt’s resorts. Even though there was only 2 parks at that time, folks would still stay 3 or 4 days at Disney then head over to A1A on the east coast and stay there for a few days more.

Well time have changed and this is not the case anymore. With more and more people wanting something different while on their Florida vacation, many big companies threw their hats into the huge vacation circle and staked their claims. The increase in venues gave old travelers a reason to come back to their favourite vacation destination, while enticing new travelers to book their travels to Orlando as well. This was becoming a beacon to not only American families, but world wide. Orlando now was not just from the good ole USA, it was a world wide destination and nothing could stop it! When the news broke out about this new vacation destination, people started lining up to book their Florida vacation.

The biggest new injection to the scene had to be Universal Studios. It seemed that Disney and Universal were like McDonald’s and Burger King, where you find one you will find the other. That gave Orlando 3 big players and unfortunately started syphoning vacation days away from Walt Disney World. In the beginning, Disney had the mindset that they would have nothing to worry about and that was a big mistake and now Disney is having a very hard time selling their multi day tickets. This is due to the fact that Universal Studios Orlando built a 2nd park right next door and called it Islands of Adventure. With having so may things to choose from now, one needs to take this planning thing very serious.

Choosing the right tickets for your vacation now comes down to how many days you have to play and what parks do you want to visit. Pretty simple right? It can be and if you are trying to do this alone, it can feel overwhelming. Good thing there are people to call and talk to. If you need help and are ready to reach out for advice, call our office to free at 1-877-406-4836 today. You can save time and money on your Disney tickets, Universal studios tickets and even SeaWorld.

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