‘Glow With the Show’ Mouse Ears – A Dazzling New Way to Enjoy Disney Spectacles

Glow with the show Mouse Ears

Glow with the show Mouse Ears

The Official Ticket Center ~ It seems enjoying a nighttime show at Disneyland Resort is more than just a spectacular glow. Imagine watching a show where you are not just a mere spectator, but also have the opportunity to actually add more color and glow to the magic during the event. Imagine the magical ear-hats that you and other guests are putting on start glowing – dancing and playing along with each musical and illuminated sequence as the show progress. And while you are occupied with those dream spectacles (with amazing colors and fireworks) your glowing ear-hat offers an impressive twist to that spectacular theme as it comes out of the lagoon, up the sky and into the audience. Indeed the integration of Glow with the Show mouse ears has revolutionized the prospects of viewing famous nighttime spectacles for over a year now.

No other parks in the world except Disney can connect the shows’ environs with the audience in such incredible style. For all the fans it’s all happening out there in Disney California Adventure Park and the Disneyland Resort. Whether it’s the famous World of Color show or other colorful events the cool Glow with the Show ear makes an amazing and dazzling new way to enjoy the spectacles the Parks have to offer. Truly, the imaginers had gone at length in taking Disney nighttime experience to the next level.

The magical Glow with the Show LED-filled ear-hats are designed so that they can collectively sync up to pulsate and glow with the show. The technological mystery behind this all impressive glow concept has an interesting revelation. As explained by the Disney creative & technical head it’s all about the use of infrared technology that influences the entire control infrastructure for the system. Also the fact that the audience area is divided into as many zones, each capable of sending specific signals to the hats within that zone is a unique initiative on part of the technical team. And the combination of zones and the unique serial number associated with each individual hat enables the creative team to control the hats both individually as well as in group.

Moreover, given the immense popularity and success of the Glow with the Show ears, I am pretty sure that the other Disney Parks in Florida will follow suite soon. And the time is not far for Disney World fans to glow in myriad colors with their version of the magical ear-hats, be it in the midst of Magic Kingdom’s most celebrated castle projection show- celebrate the Magic or at some other special areas in the Disney Hollywood Studios Park for that matter.

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