Getting The Most Out of One Day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

Every morning at our guest service office we see hundreds of faces. They all ask pretty much the same question, “What’s the best ticket to see the most”? Well that can be a loaded question in itself! Lately the trend has been leaning towards Universal Studios and not so much Disney. People want to see Harry Potter and not Cinderella. So that being said, we tend to sell our clients Universal Studios tickets instead of Walt Disney World tickets. If you are working with one day and want to see the most one can possibly see, the I always suggest the 1 day 2 park Universal Studios ticket which includes their sister theme park, Islands of Adventure. Most people do not have two days to spend at Universal, so the 1 day 2 park ticket works perfect for them.

Walt Disney World has 4 parks to Universal’s 2 parks and most people will go and spend 2 or 3 days at the Disney parks, 1 day at SeaWorld and that only leaves 1 day more to play! The Universal Studios parks are a great bet as they are situated right next door to each other and do not require a monorail or bus to get to. Quick trip to the next pak equals more time playing! They do however have the all new Hogwart’s Express train that connects the two parks together at the back of the parks. This is a great way to get to the other park when you are way in the back and do not want to walk all the way to the front! I thought this was a brilliant idea if you ask me. The only rub is that you will need a Universal Park to Park ticket in order to ride the train.

For some travelers, a one day Universal base ticket works for them. This ticket only allows them to go to one of the two parks and they must stay at that park all day. They can come and go within that day, but in the end one park is all they will see with those Universal tickets. When it is in the busy season, this ticket is probably the best bet as the lines can be pretty long so most of the time in the park will be spent waiting to ride rides. This makes park hopping not feasible. But if you only want to do the biggest rides and cherry pick what you want to do, then a park to park ticket can be a good choice. Most travelers are not going to stop and do every little kiddie ride, so traversing the parks in a half of day is doable, making a 1 day park to park ticket a possible choice.

So for the traveler who wants to go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure but only have one day to do them in, the 1 day Park to Park ticket is a great ticket to have. It will allow you to visit two great theme parks in one day and also allow you to ride on the new Hogwarts Express train while traveling to both parks. Compared to a 1 day Universal Studios ticket or Islands of Adventure tickets, one can spend about $40 more and have a whole other park to explore. With both parks now having a Harry Potter themed area to them, people want to see both but are worried about the walking to get to both and money. But for a few dollars more and a train to get you to both without all the walking, it make sense to just get the park to park ticket and have the best one day one could have! To get discount Universal Studios tickets or the 1 day park to park tickets mentioned in this article, make to visit us on the web at or by calling us toll free at 1-877-406-4836 today.

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