How To Do Florida ~ Educating and Entertaining Those Who Dare To Experience The Real Florida

The Team From How To Do Florida

The Team From How To Do Florida

How to do Florida ~ I recently discovered a group of people who dare to go where most will not! Not because they are crazy, well maybe a little, but because they love this wild and beautiful state that I call home. It’s good to see that someone had the insight and the ability to showcase our state of Florida and to do it with style. The team over at the Crawford Group, located here in Central Florida, took it upon themselves under the direction of their team leader, Chad Crawford, to showcase the most beautiful and unseen parts of this beautiful and sometimes untamed state called Florida. I had watched a few of their segments and was instantly hooked. I needed more information, so I looked up their contact information and called the number. After a couple of rings from the phone, a gentleman by the name of Micah Crawford answered  and said hello. We started to chat about their How to do Florida television program and I soon found out that we were both 3rd generation Floridians and soon started sharing tales about everything from where to camp, fish, boat, and just about anything else a avid Florida outdoors man could talk about. You could truly tell that Micah had a passion for Florida and I could tell it in his voice. He was very helpful and well versed in all things Florida that I soon had to know when they were going to get the new episodes out for me to record and take notes. I am very happy that they decided to run a new season and share the sometimes unseen Florida that I have had the pleasure of growing up with. If you are planning to visit Florida, I strongly suggest that you watch all of the episodes on this site that I am providing to you and for you to take your family out for a day or two away from the theme parks and enjoy our wonderful and beautiful state. Great job guys and thanks!

P.S. Watch the extras here and prepare to see some of the most beautiful cinematography of Florida that most Floridians never knew existed. Click below to view! 


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