Do I really Want to Spend Multiple Days at Universal Orlando Instead of Disney?

Diagon Alley Hogwarts Express

You know if you had asked me this question a few years ago I might have sad no just because Universal had not yet filled their parks with attraction rides to the level of what Disney had in its arsenal. But this is definitely not the case in point now a days! Today’s Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are like no other parks in Orlando and now that they have created what I consider the Best water park in Florida, Volcano Bay, it looks like this once small side attraction to Disney has found it’s footing and the future looks very promising to say the least.

There was a time when you could go over to Universal for as little as $45 a day back in 2000 but that about what it was worth in ride currency. There wasn’t much to do and it was a park that you could pretty much do justice within three quarters of the day. As time and profits rose and a acquisition here and there the park began to transform as well as it’s footprint on the Orlando real estate map. Talks of expansion and new theme parks were the buzz and sure enough, a new sister park was born, Islands of Adventure. This was going to be their throwing of the gauntlet at Disney’s front door step and Disney heard it very clear the Universal was here to stay!

The one thing Universal needed was something to call their own and many ideas were thrown around until a deal was struck with a new and upcoming little writer,  J. K. Rowling who wrote a little fiction book called, “Harry Potter”. This would be the biggest thing to hit the Orlando area since, well Disney came to town. Disney was pretty stagnant during this time so this woke a lot of people up there and listening intently. Universal was in it to win it and Disney was left to come up with something of their own i.e. Avatar.

To have the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at their Islands of Adventure park, Universal came up with a brilliant idea, why have one when you can have two. This would be the beginning of something wonderful, especially as the Harry Potter movie franchise became the new Star Wars of a younger generation and is still continuing to grow to this day with all of the other off shoot movies. Each time a new book or movie comes out, they are incorporated in these magical worlds and shared with the fans who love and adore the characters created within.

So to end my praises of what has been created by Universal Orlando compared to what was and what has become, yes I would say that spending multiple days at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios is and should be on your planning books. I would even go so far as spending 3 days there to include their newest and best water park in Orlando, Volcano Bay. I love Disney and will always be a true fan, but fun is to be had all around this town and Universal is here to stay with their world class parks and attractions.

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