Disney World’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Brings the Most Amazing Family Ride Experience Ever

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Mixes Disney Charm, Technology & Thrills

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Mixes Disney Charm, Technology & Thrills

Enjoying the favorite coaster ride is one of the most anticipated fun activities among theme park lovers worldwide. But when it comes to family friendly ride experience, perhaps the WDW (Walt Disney World) resort is the best place to look for in Orlando. And the coming of the very last attraction that completes the new Fantasyland expansion program of Magic Kingdom is definitely the most unique and inspiring gift WDW has to offer in this regard. It is neither the tallest nor the speediest of all, but it definitely boasts a whole new ride experience for sure. Truly, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train keeps its promise of taking family friendly ride to the next level.

Moreover, with all the hypes around it is interesting to know that the latest Fantasyland ride brings in a host of new things to see and explore for the first time in the history of Disney rides. Not to mention the use of unique audio-animatronics technology or the close encounters with those incredible mining scenes as well as breathtaking park views during the ride. Whether it’s the first of its kind swaying coaster cars or the impressive dark ride action scenes, the immersive story from favorite Disney blockbuster or the spectacular sights from the ride the new attraction is a true family-based ride experience unlike any other.

Once onboard the train, riders go sway but not in a scary way. As the amazing coaster cars charge ahead you encounter the most incredible mining secrets ever existed. And during the journey while the dwarfs’ workplace deep inside looks just impressive the spectacular sights on the outside make the ride an extra-magical delight. Also it is interesting to know that you can start the fun even before you board the train. So just don’t forget to spend some time playing with the unique interactive features while in the queue.

Being a Disney ride enthusiast myself, I think the Mouse is always at its inspiring best when it comes to the magical rides. With its impressive and ever-evolving line of coaster-rides WDW tends to make our vacation extra special. There exists a unique bond between the magical rides and guests visiting the parks. No matter whatever ride one may choose to have it ends only to be re-visited again. In fact it is customary to include them in every great vacation plan. And the addition of the latest Fantasyland ride to the list is again an incredible reason to plan another unique vacation.

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