Disney Tickets vs Orlando Flex Tickets


Disney Tickets vs Flex Tickets

Disney Tickets vs Flex Tickets

Many of you have asked me if Disney tickets with the multiday options are better than the Orlando Flex Tickets when vacationing here in Orlando. While the multi day Disney tickets with options can be a great way to save money, the Orlando Flex tickets have definitely become a central Florida favorite. There are two types of Flex tickets now to choose from.  First, there is the regular 14 day unlimited Flex tickets, that includes 14 days of unlimited access to Universal Studios Orlando, Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica and Wet n Wild. If you decide to visit Busch Gardens, then you can purchase the Flex Ticket Plus. This is the same ticket as mentioned above, but with Busch Gardens added. Free bus shuttle service to Busch Gardens is also included with the purchase of a Flex Ticket Plus.

Disney tickets with the extra options are a great way to save money as well and they have the added benifit of all being within the Walt Disney World Resort area. This means no driving all over town to expierence world class attractions. Weather you want a Walt Disney Hopper tickets or just a Walt Disney World Base Tickets, there are many ways to create your own personal theme park expierence while visiting Walt Disney World Florida. Always be sure to inquire about times and openings of any of central Florida’s water parks. Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Seaworld Aquatica and Wet n Wild all have seasonal opening and closing stipulations and some are closed all together for refurbishing. So please contact us to find out the scoop!

Just remember that the more you play the more you save when it comes to buying a package ticket deal in Orlando Florida or getting free disney tickets as add on’s thru our company when purchasing multiday Disney tickets.

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