Details Emerge about Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

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The Attractions Magazine Blog is reporting that new details have been released from an unofficial source, revealing some specific information about the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction, opening at the Wizarding  World of Harry Potter on June 18th at Islands of Adventure.  WARNING:  SPOILER ALERT.

The details were reported in an article by Lisa Oppenheimer in the May edition of AAA Car & Travel.  Some of the details include the length of the ride (about 4 mintues) and she describes the ride as “Island’s of Adventure’s Spiderman meets Disney’s Soarin’.”  The article is an extremely good read and it was obviously written by a Potter fan, or at least someone who did a lot of research, which I, for one, appreciate. 

I especially like the way the article starts out:

“In Harry Potter circles, the arrival of Wizarding World is big; Kid on Christmas morning big; Star Trek fan in an original uniform, issuing the Vulcan salute, on the bridge of the Enterprise to Leonard Nimoy big.”

As both a Trekkie and a Potterhead, I appreciate that reference, and it really hits the nail on the head – this is as huge as Hagrid’s giantess mum!

From Harry Potter Heads to Universal Orlando:
“One of the most detailed lines winds through Hogwarts Castle, past the Portrait Corridor and through Dumbledore’s office to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, a cutting-edge contraption that has caused speculators no end of agony trying to guess its contents. It would be a shame to give it away, but here is the CliffsNotes’ version: a four-minute ride flies (sort of Islands of Adventure’s Spiderman meets Disney’s Soarin’) and interacts with characters, as well as—the ride host does warn you it might become too intense—heights, speed and, heaven forbid, spiders.”

Although AAA is a reputable source, keep in mind these details haven’t been officially released by Universal Studios, as of yet.  But, it is clear that theme park goers and Potterheads alike all have something very magical to look forward to in June. 

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