Countdown for Universal Orlando’s Transformers Ride Is About to Begin

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The greatest Intergalactic Battle Ride fantasy is joining the list of amazing ride attractions at Universal Studios Orlando soon. Come summer 2013 the Universal resort in Florida will have its newest and most thrilling action-packed ride ever. The blockbuster attraction Transformers: The Ride-3D is slated for a summertime opening and according to the Park officials everything is on track for the grand opening. The much anticipated attraction ride is based on the famous Transformers Brand and is expected to boost the level of adventure rides to newer heights.

It’s time for guests to prepare for the greatest battle ride experience now, where larger- than -life characters – the likes of Autobots and the Decepticons will put you right in the middle of a never ending battle of good and evil. Universal Studios Orlando fans will come face to face with Megatron for the first time and join Optimus Prime and the Autobots in the epic fight to save the World. However, the exact date for the opening still remains undisclosed. While the world awaits Universal’s official announcement for the opening, guests at the Park are already enjoying the sights of some of the famous characters from the movie outside the newly erected Transformers building. Two of the leading characters – Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are making their appearances, meeting and greeting guests at irregular intervals. Moreover, after entertaining visitors for months now, the two famous characters have a new rival in the form of Megatron of late.

The Transformers: The Ride-3D at the Orlando Park is the third of its kind that Universal is opening after it proves to be a big hit in the other Universal parks in Singapore and Hollywood. The thrilling battle ride is same in all the three parks, but Universal Studios Orlando being the latest one in adding the same enjoys the advantage of improvising the ride with superior technologies which others don’t. Park officials believed that the Orlando version will offer a more rich experience than the predecessors. With the use of high-definition 3D integration and 45 feet tall screens, including life-like HD CGI media and more, it is expected to bring the non-stop actions of the films to life.

It’s good to know that Universal is doing well in keeping the excitement alive for the upcoming Ride. The buzz had been around since March when the famous Transformers characters were rolled out for entertainment one after another. Also the Transformers gift shop- the Supply Vault which is officially opened up, welcoming guests for weeks now. With everything is on place and construction walls removed from the high-tech industrial looking Transformers building, fans will be excited to hear that much awaited official opening date for sure.

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