Chasing the Big Discounts on Your Orlando Theme Park Tickets

With every major theme park in Orlando at or above the $100 level, travelers are taking to discount websites and travel forums for the best discount available. You might get lucky here and there at the Official park pages, but their discounts pretty much are for when you buy their products in a package. Yes, it would be nice to stay on property with a all inclusive deal, but at the end of the day, there really is no discount after everything is broken down to their bare ellement. This is why the savvy traveler will dissect everything down and start from there.The best way to get the deepest discounts is to first look at the lodging.

Many people will look at sites like Trivago or Priceline for accommodations, but many are finding that staying with a Vacation Rental Home works out best for pricing and amenities. Why pay big money for a small resort room when you can have a fully furnished home with private pool, hot tub and many with game rooms? A local company who has been around for almost 20 years may be able to help on your next visit. Magical Memories is a full service vacation rental home agency in Kissimmee, Florida and is just minutes from all of central Florida’s world famous theme parks.  With most of their homes within minutes from Disney, a smart traveler who wants the biggest bang for their buck might try this avenue on their next trip. This is especially affordable when traveling with family or friends who can share in the cost!

The next biggest cost would have to be the the park tickets to the attractions. This is probably the single most brain wracking thing a traveler has to think about for their vacation. With so many things to see and do while in Florida, one must take this chore very seriously. The biggest theme park in Orlando would have to be Walt Disney World. With four theme parks, two water parks and various other smaller attractions, Disney is the largest adventure one could take if that is the only thing on the itinerary. But we can’t stop there as there is the second largest destination, Universal Orlando Resort. With their two parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. One could also make this destination a one stop vacation if one doesn’t want to visit Disney. And lastly, we have SeaWorld Orlando. SeaWorld Orlando also owns Busch Gardens in Tampa as well as Discovery Cove in Orlando. So as you can see, if you want to see everything, you are going to need about a week to do these theme parks justice!

I can see the money just adding up with a week long vacation, so the next step is to find someone who can help out with the costs of these pesky little high priced theme park tickets. The first step is to find a reputable authorized ticket wholesaler. Now this is where it can get a little risky and especially if you do not know what you are doing. Normally you can search around online and visit a few chat forums and see who they recommend for discount theme park tickets. A few that have stood the test of time and are trust worthy site are,, and These are very informative sites that shed light on how to save time and money when booking your Disney vacation. The most important thing with these site is that they can give you a trust stamp of approval on everyone they work with and that goes a very long way! For discount Disney tickets and discount Universal Studios tickets, look at Kissimmee’s wholesaler, The Official Ticket Center. They are a authorized discount theme park ticket seller and are local.

Now that you know where to look for discounts, please take the time to plan accordingly and not buy more than you need for you vacation. Ask questions and most of all, pay attention to any hidden costs or if a company is not local. Most web sites are just that, a site and have no knowledge of local perks or are just a referral person! Call these people and see if you get a actual person. Ask if they sell the actual product. I have called a few places online to ask if they sell actual tickets for instance, only to be confronted by a recording and having to communicate by email or text. Watch out for companies like these or companies that only deal in vouchers. When you are able to speak with a company representative, you know they are legit and have skin in the game! It only takes one mistake to ruin a vacation, so trust in what other people have used and had good experiences with and shop local!

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